How To Lose Love Handles | Love Handle Reduction Tips

Weight Loss Tip:Switch to ground turkey in place of ground hamburger when losing weight. Ground turkey can be seasoned to taste and substituted for hamburger in tacos, patties, casseroles, meatballs, chili and many more dishes. Ground turkey has less fat, great taste and is a perfect substitution for ground hamburger.

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of teaches you how to remove love handles and back fat. Love handle reduction tips and back fat elimination advice.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that ‘love handles' are a cute term for deposits of excess body fat on sides and back around your waist line. Alpha gives a test for ‘love handles' and back fat.
He says that an article recently made his B.S. meter go through the roof. There is no such thing as spot reduction! Cardio and healthy eating are the answers to love handles and back fat reduction so this article was filled with crap.

‘Calories in and calories out' is the key. If you consume less, you lose body fat. You can do it through diet and / or exercise. Diet and exercise together are the most efficient. The lower back accumulates first … and the last to lose. The side (flanks), however, will go before lower back fat.

Remember, when body fat starts to break down, it starts to get soft. You want the squishiness. So when that rock hard gut starts to get soft, you're making progress.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Opinions on higi stations in stores? (Blood pressure + weight taking machine + “rarely” the bodyfat measurer?) It said im 26% bodyfat and weeks before i was 25% at 215lbs (supposedly 160lbs lean and 50 something lbs of fat) and after i annitially tested it at 25% i started hardcore dieting with spinich (raw out of the package, with pink Himalayan salt, and shredded cheese, not bad tasting might i add) and fried spinich, salads, 100% whole wheat bread toasted with 2 tblspoons of peanut butter, apples, bananas, occasionally steak, and diet foods like that. And hours in the gym 5-6 days a week hitting everything twice a week, then go to take the fucking test again and seeing it go up, i almost punched the machine out of anger, wondering how the fuck my bodyfat went up after my brutally aggravating hard work in the gym and strict dieting i ended up at 26% instead of under 25%.. Anyways, can you do a video on those “Higi Stations” you find at stores like Krogers, Kmarts, Walmarts, ect? Im sure im not the only one with bad experiences with those damn things.

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  3. Calories in, calories out… yeah yeah. Cardio. What about sugar consumption? Muscle building? Do these things matter?

  4. It’s all about how you eat. Cut out the processed stuff like Chick Fil-A, and Pizza Hut, and learn how to portion your fats, proteins, and carbs, you’re gonna deflate like a balloon within at least three months if you’re consistent.

  5. hey I jut noticed a part of Aaron’s middle finger’s nail is black and part of his left eye’s pupil has a “weird” form, anybody know why? i’m just being curious

  6. Yeah this is what happening to me those love bags are getting empty but it seims that all that is working from front to back and not the other ways around,

  7. heyy bro.. ur videos are 100% motivational and true.. I just have question that you please answer
    1.> do skipping without rope burns the same calories as that of skipping with rope
    2.> do skipping and skipping without rope burns more calories than running
    please answer

  8. Yo, im new to this channel, can anybody explain to me what’s up with his left eye? Almost looks like an eyeball tatoo or something.

  9. Just heading back toward fitness after a 20 year breather. Thanks, man – your vids are awesome.

  10. For some reason.. this guy just pissed me off. maybe it’s the way he talk or maybe because he speak the truth. he anoys the hell out of me!


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