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there are many people who can’t tell the difference – they can’t identify the GMO tomatoes or other GMO products. But, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we are going to show you an easy way that will help you identify these GMO tomatoes and you will know what to eat.

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  1. Wouldn’t put any of that crap near my mouth Monsanto monsters. Thank goodness it’s banned in my country.

  2. WalMart stocks a lot of GMO dried beans and peas plus the Bush’s Baked Beans have modified corn starch in it.  Manufacture told me there is GMOs in it.


  4. I know GMO are bad because my second cousin half brother (one removed) best friend met someone who saw a youtube video say how bad they were. What better evidence is there.?

  5. lol hahahaha. They switched the good one to GMO. The left is the fraud. This is just how bad they want you dead.

  6. I live in an area with massive green houses that i am beginning to suspect only produces all sorts of weird veggies. They look perfect as fuck, plastic almost, and don’t have any taste. The more organic they claim something to be, the more plastic it looks. I’ve completely stopped buying any of their produce. I also do not buy anything that is imported from Israel, grown in the nuclear toxic valley of Jaffa. I’m also steering clear of any and all products imported from the US. I check EVERYTHING. Every label, every ingredient, every detail of everything before i buy it. I’m pretty much an expert buy now..i can walk in to a supermarket blindfolded and know exactly what shelves to get what products from. And in specific, i know to avoid about 95% of everything. It leaves very little choice. And the stuff i buy, i know how to cleanse.

  7. Tomatoes today aren’t the same as 50 years ago. The skin was thinner and it was not pulpy inside to the point where it has to be chewed well. It was more like eating an heirloom tomato. Many foods probably were botanically- enhanced in order to stand up to being shipped and lasting longer. Some fruits & veggies don’t taste the same; for example, strawberries did not have a hard pulp inside and were lusciously sweet.

  8. There are no GMO tomatoes on the market. You know how to identify if a tomato in the grocery store is GMO? Easy. If it’s a tomato, it’s NOT GMO.

    There is, however, a promising new GM tomato that is resistant to bacterial spot, which would eliminate the need to hit it with copper-based fungicides used heavily in organic production (and are harmful to the soil when they accumulate). It has some genes inserted from sweet peppers. No pesticides, no Monsanto.

    How do you recognize that one in a store? It doesn’t have disease all over it.

  9. One can’t tell a GMO tomato from a conventionally grown one by unaided sight. Genetic material is MICROSCOPIC. This badly produced video is lacking on many points. It’s mostly a half ass attempt to relate the danger of food science unleashed in the pursuit of profit. It relates nothing new, it’s just a sad rehash of old information.

  10. There’s no such thing a GMO tomato!!! GMO: refers to the deliberate modification of genetic material using gene transfer technology to enhance desirable traits. The FrankenTomato from the 90’s was pulled from shelves years ago and currently tomatoes are cross-bred like all other vegetables, which is not considered GMO. FYI, all tomatoes and veg have been cross-bred at one time or another, so advertising a fruit/veg as strictly NON-GMO is lying.

  11. the j,ewish/Israelite US economy crash is coming in 2018, (( they )) will blame puppet Trump of course, and in 2020 their puppet will start WW3, they are following prophesies in the Koran

  12. GMO foods cause cancer and weaken your immune system’s anybody that seen the testing on the rats with the genetically modified potatoes would know this

  13. Rubbish one is ripe the one on the left, the other on the right still has a tinge of green meaning its not fully ripe.

  14. There are NO GMO tomatoes on the market.

    And there is no label that is reliable. The UPC code idea is fraud.

  15. Breaking news!! Death toll from GMO consumption goes from zero to a staggering zero in the last 3 decades!

Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign Against GMO Labeling

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