How To Get A Thigh Gap – Lose Inner Thigh Fat Fast

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Hate thigh fat? WATCH this video on how to get a thigh gap and lose thigh fat for women – contains the best diets and exercises for losing upper and inner thigh fat!

3 quick steps to get skinnier:

In this video, AlvinChua91 (Women Weight Loss Coach) shares with you how to lose leg fat and cellulite quickly and easily and get the thigh gap you have always wanted using the best exercises for thigh fat loss! It's time for you to look good in skinny jeans.

With a combination of the right diet and exercises to lose thigh fat, you will soon get the thigh gap you have always visualized yourself having! Get rid of your thunder thighs or inner thigh fat fast!

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Hey, this is Alvin Chua from

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  1. It doesn’t help me want to eat less sugary foods when you show a bunch of doughnuts on screen.

  2. Why are you people bashing this guy for making this video? Some women like to have thigh gap just like just like some women prefer to have muscular thighs so stop with negative comments. Some men are attracted to women with thinner legs/thigh gap. If you don’t like it then why are you here in the first place? Go watch videos about thunder clap. No need for spreading hatred and negativity around. That has never made any sense to me… you don’t like thigh gap yet here you are. Body shaming. Shame on you! Grow up.

  3. Don’t tell me to get slim legs because it’s what guys like. I’m gonna go run uphill and do some weighted squats now boy bye

  4. What do u mean in the video at 4:20 ?? can u explain ? if u can explain in malay, it’s more good hehehe

  5. Girl, If you have muscular thighs go and SLAYYY. this guy has no clue what he is saying and you don’t have to change
    This just shook me

  6. The muscular legs are way more sexier than the thin legs that you showed on your video lol! Guys like nice toned muscular sexy legs!

  7. i had a feeling he was asian and i was right… asian people have this physic already. they are short, have no body fat and woman have a hip open structure but it is a medical problem. there legs tend to open more then normally plus they are bowlegged. so girls dont mislead yourselfs… unless you are bowlegged well ok there goes your thigh gap but medically it is not a normal bone structure orrr you are either asian. but if you are caucasian or mixed you will never have a bowlegged figure unless you are asian.

  8. Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

  9. I don’t necessarily care for having a thigh gap. Slimmer thighs would be nice thougj

  10. This bitch thinks I’m tryna get nice legs for a guy but I’m gay as fuck so

  11. bullshit. I eat what i want when I’m hungry. Life is too short to worry about this shit.

  12. The ideals of beauty have changed significantly throughout the years. But in someway, this guy here thinks everyone has to have the same ideals as everybody else. And that’s not right! We all have parts of our body that we dislike about ourselves or others, but that doesn’t mean that we have to follow or encourage others to follow this trend just because everyone else does. Embrace your imperfections. And man, before you post something like this online, make sure you read it first, just saying.

  13. I find a girl with a thigh gap to be an attractive, feminine feature. Thick thighs to me usually means (genetics aside) a woman who doesn’t watch what she eats, or care about physical fitness which I find unattractive. I like women who are health conscience and among other things a thigh gap and other features is a sign of a girl taking care of her body (and I’m not talking about anorexic girls). This is of course, my personal preference as I am 6’4 feet tall I’ve always be attracted to the opposite of my athletic body type for the petite, shorter girls. Being “fit” meaning that you occasionally exercise regardless of your gender or genetics should be a goal for everyone…a longer and healthier life is a Benefit to 100% of everyone.

  14. Not all girls want to lose weight for guys. Some of us just want to do it for ourselves, to feel good. If you are losing weight to impress or to get a guy to notice you, chances are- if he cares about the size of your bloody thighs-he is a creep not to be bothered with

  15. the guy is wrong. on the picture of the girl squatting it is wrong. when you squat you are supposed to have a straight back lining to you but as if you were standing straight.

  16. I did about 30 squats ,and then i started doing the hard ones to hold for 40 seconds 5 times and now i’m shaking ……wow

  17. Anybody else over here wandering why an asshole is making this video for girls? like uh,no!

  18. I think it is so degrading that he said not to have bigger thighs and that guys ONLY like thigh gaps. But in reality it hard for some body types to get thigh gaps. He doesn’t know what it’s like being a woman. It’s so hard cause you’re constantly being told to lose weight. I’m 14 and being professionally trained as a ballet dance and I’m also a horseback rider. Being in the ballet world you are CONSTANTLY being told what you look like and what you “need” to look like. Once you step in a studio you are automatically judged on your body type. I’m naturally curvy person so it’s been harder for me. But I’ve lost so much weight most people think I’m 10 instead of being 14. But society thinks ballet dancers don’t eat anything and are super weak people because they tend to be skinnier than the average person, but eating disorders are very common in the ballet world but not as common as you think. Ballet dancers actually eat so much that if they were an average person they would be told to stop eating because of eating “too much” we definitely watch what we eat and do limit ourselves but we do eat. And we have very muscular legs. What I’m trying to say is, that you should be proud of your body no matter what you look like. And that society constantly labels you and tells you what you can and can’t wear. Trust me I’d know, I’ve cried over my body and have had an eating disorder. But I’ve gotten through it and don’t care what my body looks like. My friend is extremely skinny (she’s never taken a ballet class in her life) and can eat so much it amazes me and she has told me so many times that she would rather be plus size than have the body that she does now. So just be happy with the body you have. I have that you all have an amazing day❤️