How to Eat a Non-GMO Diet with Jeffrey Smith

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Eating a Mediterranean diet is wonderful when trying to lose weight. This type of diet is full of foods that have many benefits to your heart, and will actually help you lose weight even more than a low-fat diet will. You can find many recipes on line that look good, and have fun experimenting in the kitchen. Plan your meals ahead of time. Sitting down and planning everything you are going to eat for the day either the night before or first thing in the morning makes it simpler to make smart food choices. It's much easier to lose weight if you avoid that last minute, quick food choices that derail your diet.

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Learn more about the GMO labeling law here:

Genetically modified foods have been genetically altered by wiring in the DNA of pesticides and herbicides. These contaminated foods have been linked to leaky gut syndrome, an increase in allergies, rapid aging, potential tumor growth, disorders of the reproductive and endocrine systems and more.

In this video, guest expert Jeffrey Smith and I discuss how to avoid GMO foods and eat a non-GMO diet. By removing certain foods from your diet, reading product labels, shopping local, staying informed and making other lifestyle changes, you can keep away from harmful GMOs. Watch the video to learn more.

To find out more about Jeffrey Smith and this movement, visit the Responsible Technology website here:

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  1. Tony Mitra pointed out in his book Poison Foods, that organically labelled chickpeas and lentils are insanely high in glyphosate. This is partly because glyphosate has a 22 year half life. ( Dr Don Huber). Whereas the USDA allows 3 years of no spraying to be labelled organic. But Mexicobdeclared themselves glyphosate free in 2020, and Mexican origin chickpeas are probably your best bet indeed, most food from a Mexican origin grocery will likely be clean.

  2. Here in Europe, EU allowed seed companies to use the same technology as GMO seeds, when making organic seeds. The seeds are called CMS-hybrid. When you buy organic produce in Europe, there is a chance it’s CMS.
    I’m wondering if they are doing the same thing in America?
    Most people don’t know about it.

  3. Funny human beings and their innovations and lectures. The food is originally GMO free
    We have made it GMO and now GMO free and it costed cheap. It's all market game. First they sell GMO certificates now again sell on the Name of GMO free. And Give the very beautiful innovative names even the food is natural which was produced by mother nature



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