How to Burn Stored Fat

Weight Loss Tip:To lose weight more easily, try using smaller dishes. It is natural to fill a plate or bowl, but over the past few decades, dish sizes have increased with portion sizes, making it harder to "eyeball" the correct amount of food you should have. By using a salad plate, you can trick yourself into eating less.

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There are ways to burn fat, but do you know the proper ways to burn stored fat? Here're some tips on how to burn stored fat, easily and safely.

The body is conditioned to store fat in preparation for lean times, so it burns the food you eat first instead of burning the stored fat. Since you are not likely to suffer from food deprivation or malnutrition in the near future, the body just keeps storing fat without burning it off. Here're some tips on how to burn stored fat quickly.

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  1. Chop your leg or arm off for instant weight loss. 9 out of 10 people said
    it worked for them. The 10th person chopped his head off so was unable to

  2. You do not have to exercise more to lose weight.
    Eating less will do the job , however this is not the ideal option.

  3. Simplified Translation: 1) Bust your rear end with a regular exercise
    routine. 2) Try to eat healthily and not junk.

    There. Saved four minutes.

  4. Duranrider and Freelee trigger material… Such bs… “carbs make u fat
    ahhh” stfu, look at how many calories it takes to take a stable ring
    structured glucose molecule into a fatty acid chain, how efficient that is,
    and how fat is stored – how easy that is. Guys don’t listen to this bs –
    eat your carbs and sugars, your body and brain need them or else you’ll go
    nuts! eat less fat and eat at a deficit and you’re good – you’ll lose the

  5. Spend several hours a day copulating with your love partner with a high
    intensity sexual activity aerobic exercise workout

  6. Current dogma: eat more carbs(calories) before workouts so you’ll have
    energy to workout long and hard enough to burn stored fat(calories), but
    you have to burn through the consumed carbs(blood sugar) for 30 minutes
    before you start to burn fat, so workout for at least 45 minutes to an
    hour, then eat carbs after your workout(replace calories burned) so you
    don’t go in to starvation mode and lose all your muscle, then wake up and
    eat more carbs(blunt fat burning) so your blood sugar doesn’t crash and to
    get energized for the day. This is why the exercise hamster wheel is
    ineffective for fat loss.

  7. For the first time, I have lastly observed a successful fat reduction plan
    in the “loli special plan.” To think, if I had Googled “loli special plan”
    sooner, I dropped 20 pounds sooner.

  8. Or u can have breakfast then don’t eat until dinner or something becomes it
    will burn stored fat after its burned ur recent food

  9. Cough ‘bullshit’ cough. HIIT training is the most effective fat burner. The
    harder you work the longer the afterburn….

  10. Or, how about this?
    No sugar, no juices(you choose on this one)
    Lower carb intake to the max
    Whole grain cereal or boiled eggs in the morning
    eat chicken and vegies for lunch
    oatmeal/ boiled eggs/ fish/ salad for dinner
    fruits in between
    Plus resistance and cardio exercise
    30 pounds in 60 days lost fat and not lean mass

  11. Here’s a tip. Find someone you like or love *(works best with people of the
    opposite sex).*
    *Daily intense fucking in various positions for 1hour you will lose lots of
    pounds in 3 months.*
    The key to not gaining the fat back is to continue intense fucking and
    staying in love.
    Eating less will happen, because your in love. Eat whatever you had been
    eating (cheesecake, pizza, steak, wings, Murder King, Drunkin Doughnuts,
    healthy food, etc.) it will be less.

  12. I am from Africa and this video is offensive to me and my fellow
    malnutritioned tribe members. :'(
    I support you guys though by taking my dick out for Harambe everyday. 

  13. The narrator said “how to burn stored fat” enough times that it made me
    envision some health nut with dozens of gallon jars of fat in his cellar,
    wondering how big of a bonfire he’d need to destroy it all.

  14. Hi folks. I’m pretty sure Benji man expressed his thoughts in “Jest”! Not a
    good idea to starve for extended periods.U can try it but I guarantee you
    you’ll get ill. Many moons ago Obesity was a thing of the future, its
    really only come to the fore in the last 100 years or so. Healthy eating
    and the use of ” Shanks Pony” was all the human body needed until……….
    The introduction of more and more advanced (I say with a bit of sarcasm)
    methods of food preparation/s! Like Supermarkets, fast food outlets and
    Junk Food! Plus all the additives, many of which do NOT promote good
    health. I myself carry a bit extra across the middle but due to injury
    cannot exercise as I would like. I used to be a nice skiny beanpole! I was
    treated with “weight reduction drugs” designed to eliminate ingested fat. I
    was already on a low fat diet. In 9 months I lost…… Nothing!! Now on my
    own sensible diet that includes lesser portions I’ve started to lose
    weight. Using the method of ” If you take in more calories than your body
    can burn off, you’ll put on weight”! Try it folks, it does work, but
    beware, you’ll still need a balanced diet! After a while your body, but
    especially your brain will get used to smaller portions! You can use foods
    to “bulk” up your stomach that are 1. Good for you and 2. Hardly have any
    calories! Within 10 days I started to notice changes in my belly shape –
    the fat was being burnt off! And the scales spoke to me! For those less
    fortunate who have specialized dietary needs may I suggest you go see your
    Doctor/Dietician/Health Care Professional! Y’all Have a Nice Day. PS. If
    you lose weight rapidly you usually end up with excess skin hanging off ur
    body. If you lose weigh in a slower manner your body adjusts accordingly,
    though you’ll most likely have some extra skin left over! PPS. The above is
    solely my own opinion, experience and own research done over many years! It
    ain’t “Gospel” but it work for many, many people!

  15. In seven days, I was able to reduce more than 7 pounds. Google “sowo
    amazing plan” to learn more. Google gave me some amazing advice.

  16. tie one end of a log chain around your leg, then tie the other end of the
    log chain to a sleeping grizzly bear in yellowstone national park …..
    fastest way on earth to fat loss ….. step one, wake up the bear

  17. After a buddy of mine implemented this diet plan “sowo amazing plan”
    (Google it) to reduce 17 lbs, My partner and i figured out a lot about it.
    My partner and i googled “sowo amazing plan” and so should you.

  18. Get them on the kit maybe some kat? Naw you’d probably get yourself a
    chocolate biscuit!!

  19. Push ups, running, walking, etc for at least two hours a day if you are not
    on your feet during the day. Invest in some headphones and listen to
    podcasts and tunes you enjoy. Online music stations are offered for free in
    smartphone apps like iHeartRadio and Pandora. Just don”t push yourself too
    hard and listen to your body when you need to take a small break. Stay
    hydrated. Stay away from fast food and other restaurants as much as
    possible. If you happen to eat junk stick with your daily workout routine.
    Just don’t over indulge and you’ll be fine. You can do it believe in
    yourself. You may feel like it’s pointless but eventually the fat does go
    away over time. Even after a few weeks it just takes time. Losing weight is
    not a sprint it is a marathon you plan to stick with until the end.

  20. I lost four stone just cutting out eating fatty foods and drinking only
    water and shadow boxing for one hour every morning before showering to
    start my day, eating bran flacks with hot skimmed milk topped with mixed
    berries plus green tea with fresh squeezed lemon and lime lunch is a
    protein drink with greens and carrots mixed in, dinner an apple, for
    tea grilled turkey with green cabbage, before bed have another protein
    drink so your body is ready for your morning shadow boxing, do 5 minutes
    stretching before, I did the above for only 6 months and got down to my
    healthy weight, now I only do this 5 days and at weekends I can eat what
    I want and still stay at my healthy weight,

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