How To Burn Fat Faster (WITH 1 TEASPOON OF THIS!)

Weight Loss Tip:Use washed, cut lemons in your drinking water. The lemony flavor will make the water taste better and that will encourage you drink more of it. You can cut up lemons and put them directly into a pitcher of ice water in the refrigerator to make drinking water quick and easy.

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If you are looking for how to burn fat faster, you have to first realize that nutrition holds no secrets! Despite what some shady marketers will tell you, it's the accumulation of good eating habits that will add up to help you get ripped and stay ripped 365 days a year.

That said, one of the absolute easiest and best ways to give yourself an edge in the fat burning department is to use cinnamon on a daily basis. It has been shown that using just 1 teaspoon of pure cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar) per day can significantly help your body increase your insulin sensitivity, control your blood sugar, and decrease your cravings.

Add these benefits up over time and you can make a fairly significant impact on lowering your body fat levels and burning more fat at rest than you are right now. The key to cinnamon consumption is to realize just how easy and inexpensive it is to obtain the needed amount in your diet. As I show you in this video, you can put it in your morning oats, sprinkle it on yogurt, have it in your coffee or tea, spread it on your sweet potatoes and more.

The key is being consistent with this ingredient and remember again that it is only one key to your plan on how to burn fat faster. If your diet is not good and you are thinking that this one nutrition tip is going to mean the difference between being 15 percent body fat and having a six pack, it's likely not going to happen.

If instead, you focus on eating good whole foods and keeping your nutrition in check while now being sure to add in cinnamon at every opportunity…you'll be impressed with just how easy it is to gain that little extra edge in your fat burning efforts.

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  1. Because of this video I started adding powdered cinnamon to my daily
    protein shake. I was excited about the benefits and I liked the taste.
    After about a month of doing this I became severely constipated. I did not
    have a bowel movement for over 2 weeks. I’ve since learned that cinnamon
    contains an indigestible compound that wreaks havoc on your intestinal
    track. Absolutely cinnamon causes constipation. Please be careful and do
    not consume it daily.

  2. kills you gut probiotics. better be supplementing them. they are the key to
    your entire health.

  3. I put cinnamon in my protein shake for a week, I actually lost 6 lbs in a
    week. maybe some are water weight but still.

  4. It’s actually not just any cinnamon that does this, it’s supposedly Ceylon
    Cinnamon is the one that increases insulin sensitivity, and I believe that
    typically comes in cinnamon sticks.

  5. FINALLY!! I found some of your consumption suggestions. I love cinnamon and
    this will continue to be part of my dietary regime!! Thanks your AWESOME!!

  6. Might be a stupid question but then would this information have whey
    protein flavor implications? If you are trying to become more insulin
    sensitive you should select a whey protein shake that contains cinnamon?

  7. I add some of my Optimum Nutrition protein powder in my yogurt, about .5 a
    scoop. Can I also add some cinnamon onto that??? Any advice would be great.

  8. Just gotta make sure it’s the right cinnamon. The one sold in Sweden is the
    most dangerous one and 5g a day causes liver damage in ~90 days for the
    average person. (One huge dose of 450g is ok though, it’s when you get a
    dose of 5g+ every day when it starts hitting your liver)

    The liver is the only organ that can completely repair itself though, so do
    this in periods of 30 days on and 30 days off and you should be fine.

  9. I like to experiment with adding cinnamon and other spices along with some
    frozen banana or maybe other fruit if’s around – I’ve come up with stuff
    that tastes like it should have a lot more calories and should be very bad
    for me, but it”s not, which makes it taste even better. A few years back
    the Cinnamon Challenge was going around where people would swallow huge
    spoonfuls of dry cinnamon just to prove they could, which would blow my
    mind. Of course you might end up losing fat from that if you ended up
    choking and dying.

  10. Do you think that cassia (chinese cinnamon) would have the same properties?
    I put it in a tonic I make with ginger root juice, cayenne, turmeric, black
    pepper, honey, cider vinegar and let it ferment for a few weeks before
    consumption. I’m curious to know the effect fermentation would have on its
    effects, but have no idea where to research such a thing. Great video as

  11. Thank you for all you do. I’m a truck driver and cannot get to gym. what do
    you recommend? I know you are very busy doing all this great work to get
    good information out on the web. All your hard work, knowledge and time is
    greatly appreciated. I’m 53 and weigh 185 and 5’11 watching myself slowly
    entropy back into into my teenage 145 pound body. Thanks so much for all
    you do.
    Mike k

  12. been following you and incorporating your knowledge just recently.. By far
    the most practical sound advice I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing everything
    you do.

  13. Another way to lose fat with(out) a tea spoon stopping using it to add
    sugar to your tea coffe it will also stop reducing your T levels

  14. Hi, can you shed some light on the water+honey+lemon+cinnamon drink , if it
    loses fat. If I am correct then it melts fat but you have to get that out
    via sweat with exercises right?

  15. a watching so many of these videos, I just click like right away, because
    it’s just gonna be good stuff

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    say i could have done with getting rid of 12 pounds back then. Search
    Google to discover more about this for yourself.

  17. A colleague at work made the decision to follow my guidance and give this
    weight loss plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) a try. My partner and i
    started using it too, and the results have been unbelievable. We dropped 13

  18. Its true – Ive been having cinnamon for a couple of years after I saw
    something similar on youtube – putting it in oatmeal is much easier than
    having it straight… Thanks Jeff – You’ve changed the entire game for my
    daily cinnamon challenge!

    In all seriousness – it is true :P

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