HIIT Workout For Fat Loss –’s At Home HIIT Workout Program For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tip:Exercise before you eat in the morning. Doing cardiovascular exercises in the morning will burn off excess fat that is stored rather than food consumed recently. This will also help burn fat off of your belly faster because this fat is stored fat. In addition, exercising before breakfast will also increase your metabolism.

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  1. I’m watching this workout and already my mind is screaming to run away! Can I just do the active rest bits?

  2. This was hard, I haven’t worked out like this ever since school ended for the summer. I would occasionally run 30mins on the treadmill and would do ab workouts but other than that, I didn’t work out like this with hard, tiring, and the good working hard feeling it gave me after. The mountain climber were by far the worst lol but I plan on doing this everyday with sunday a rest day. I’ve been eating healthy so this is really going to help me reach my goal faster, sweat is dripping down my face while I type this lol. Good video! Im definitely checking out more.

  3. Would prefer the moves to change. One set of the HIT and then a new set for the additional two would be great.

  4. THAT was a real workout. Doing this 5x a week in addition to their other videos you WILL lose weight.oh and of course you have to eat right too but this is the deal. Put my treadmill workouts at the gym to shame!

  5. i’ll try this for abt 2 weeks and tell u guys the result everyday☺️☺️☺️

  6. Whew! I thought like “Ok, a 20 min workout, why not, just taking it easy today…” Never have I been so wrong ;D I am done now, but in a good way! Thank you!!

  7. okay! so I am gonna do this twice a day with other 30 minutes HIIT workout for 10 days. I am of 76 kgs. I will update my results on 21st August, 2017.

  8. My partner and i tried this diet plan myself having seen how my friend benefited from it. Initially I of course wanted to do this and I have dropped a grand full of 14lbs from the “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). I believe much better after trying this specific life-altering diet.

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