Heirlooms, Hybrids, Non-GMO Corn & Breast Of Venus Tomatoes

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Backyard gardener Jacqueline Kennedy of Sonoma County, California shows us her mostly heirloom-seeded backyard garden and talks about some of her favorite varieties and their vivid names, including the tomatoes tetón de Venus (breast of Venus). She also explains how crops like corn are being endangered by GMO varieties because they are so sensitive to cross-pollination.
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  1. I’m arranging things right now so I can live the way they do when I’m their age. I want a nice (paid for) property to garden on and a couple rental properties to help out whatever meager retirement I have left by then.

  2. @vention4wh And perhaps having a garden can help you live longer. The older woman in the video is Jackie’s 90-year-old aunt. She still gardens, drives, cooks for dinner parties. I shot a couple other videos with her. One is called “How to make Slow Gnocchi”

  3. Terrific explanation about heirloom seeds and why they are better. You’re helping me get over my aversion to the green movement.

  4. Is it true that if you keep non hybrid/heirloom seeds frozen and away fro sunlight they can be kept for dozens of years?

  5. @nbenicewicz I believe that all seeds are different. There are longer-lived seeds like tomato and cucumber that can last years if stored in a cool/dry spot and shorter-lived seeds like corn and spinach that often don’t make it stored longer than a season or two.

  6. i’m sorry, but hybrids are bad bad bad…. i don’t care if they have been changed to taste better or fight off some disease… they are bastard seeds…. i’m not looking for convenient or better taste.. i’m looking for seeds closest to as God created for us to use…. period.

  7. There will be protests throughout the U.S. on 3/26/11 regarding genetic engineering/modification.

    Go to “Rally for the Right to Know” on facebook, for more information.

    Go to the “organicconsumers” website to sign petitions.

    Type “Millions Against Monsanto Campaign 2011” in the youtube search.

  8. @paidskn1488 She does a lot of seedsaving, but also she buys online. There are a lot of sites that sell heirloom seeds.

  9. A hybrid is just a cross of a plant or animal with differing genetics. You and I are hybrids. They are made in the wild all the time in plants and animals. Hybrid seeds have their place.

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