GMOs In USDA Organic Food (updated)

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USDA certified organic foods may be corrupted by genetically modified organisms. This presentation reveals the federal statutes that actually allow for this to happen, by way of “careless” verbiage. It is shorter and better informed version of a presentation released last year, by the same name.

In addition to what is mentioned in the video, I'd like paraphrase from S205.204 (a)(1), that organically “produced” seeds from non-organic seed stock are stated to be solely used for edible sprouts… but back to S205.204 (a)(1): if someone files a variance, then technically if they grow a crop from non organic seeds under that specific clause, there is no verbiage preventing them from using those seeds for livestock or people in S205.201 or in 205.204 (a)(3), unlike in S205.204 (a)(1), where the Except clause is part of the complete statement. The Except clause should be a crucial separate clause in itself, applicable to all of them. Incomplete/loophole verbiage here that a corporation could weasel out of.

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  1. “High court loosens reins on big campaign donors” (MSNBC) is a nice bit of
    recent news on lobbying, justifying suspicions as to why these things

  2. Vote with your wallet! Look for the non-gmo label! Simply avoid ALL corn
    and soy products and you will be well on your way to being gmo free. Also,
    go vegetarian, as all ‘factory raised’ meats are being raised on GMO corn.
    Don’t despair, educate yourself and others and VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!!!!
    And while I appreciate this video, it’s WAY too nerdy and scientific. Buy
    or rent a copy of Genetic Roulette or Seeds of Death, and these will
    educate you further on what YOU can do to keep you and your family safe.
    TOGETHER, we can fight Monsanto!!! And we can WIN!!!!!

  3. Rather than trying to discount the validity of the USDA organic label, I
    think what we need to focus on is BANNING GMO outright, or at the very
    *least* requiring labeling.

    You are still basing your argument on the same mistaken logic as the last

    Yes, methods are excluded, but *so are seeds*. It says very clearly in the
    rules for NOP that only organic seeds/seedlings may be used (with the same
    exceptions as discussed in the previous video).

    3:37 This is incorrect. Don’t skip the outer section (a). You can’t
    blanket say, “we can use non-organic”. Those are exceptions that MAY be
    allowed by the Administrator, not *are* allowed. Temporary variances must
    be applied for (NOP 2606), and if your application is denied, your
    violation will be exactly that–a violation.

    4:15 It’s not pretzel logic when your initial premise is false. GMO cannot
    be used in organic farming (with very specific exceptions!). Somehow
    stating that because there are exceptions the whole thing is faulty isn’t
    really a strong argument.

    5:33 Yep. This makes no sense at all! Once GMO, always GMO. This is
    certainly a screwup and needs to be re-written with consideration of not
    just pesticides.

    6:13 This is mere speculation.

    6:52 genetic modification? No. There are no genetically modified cows in
    the US today. If a cow has been clean for a year, eating only organic hay
    and drinking organic water (organic water is much tastier than that
    genetically modified stuff.. 😛 ), then it should be good.
    Fortunately, rBGH seems to have fallen out of favor, anyway.

    7:18 Don’t care. mama cow is not genetically modified. Her baby cow isn’t
    genetically modified, and if baby cow is raised all on organic foods, I’m
    cool with it.

    8:09 You need to re-read the rules. Methods is only one part. GMO seeds
    are not permitted.

    8:27 and thank goodness for this policy, which would otherwise cause a lot
    of organic farms to lose their cert due to contamination by nearby idiot
    farmers. The word “alone” is important. If I, as an organic farmer, have
    been following ALL the rules, spending TWICE as much money to raise my
    crops as my idiot conventional neighbor, and I lose my cert, cuz some GMO
    dust got blown onto my land, I’m gonna be furious. The word “inadvertent”
    is important. You can’t just gloss over that. There is a distinction
    between a farm that was inadvertently contaminated, and a farm that is
    purposely using non organic materials/processes.

    9:01 Thank goodness. certs are not free, and forcing a small operation to
    pay that would not be reasonable. They are also very limited in what they
    can do with the products, and get no USDA sticker. Just leave them alone.

    10:00 Non issue. Any seed used in an organic farm must, by definition, be
    organic. If a large farm gets seed from a small farm that doesn’t have
    USDA cert, they are not in compliance with the NOP. You say it’s legal.
    Yes, of course, but it’s a violation of NOP and could cause loss of cert.
    Moving along…

    12:21 no need for that–the variances can be found online. Guess how many
    are active today? (Oct 2014). drum roll………. 1.
    There is one temporary variance active. It’s in California, where a severe
    drought has designated the area as a “disaster area”. Take a look at
    it–it’s pretty yawn-worthy.
    Google “USDA organic Current variances”.

  4. So far, I’ve assumed you want the truth to come out, but it seems odd that
    you failed to notice/mention this…

    You posted :
    “(a) Temporary variances from the requirements in §§ 205.203 through
    205.207, 205.236 through 205.240 and 205.270 through 205.272 may be
    established by the Administrator for the following reasons:
    (1) Natural disasters declared by the Secretary;
    (2) Damage caused by drought, wind, flood, excessive moisture, hail,
    tornado, earthquake, fire, or other business interruption; and”

    *but omitted section (e) directly below that*
    (e) Temporary variances will not be granted for any practice, material, or
    procedure prohibited under § 205.105.
    [65 FR 80637, Dec. 21, 2000, as amended at 75 FR 7194, Feb. 17, 2010]

    Also, the application for variance says clearly :
    Variances will *not be granted* to allow for:
    1. Feeding non-organic feed to organic livestock
    2. The use of materials prohibited under § 205.105.

    Are you trying to push an agenda (diss the USDA organic label), or expose
    the truth? You have made me doubt…. Hmmm…

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