GMO Labeling….What’s The Big Deal?

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  1. it’s not a religious issue it’s a health issue my friend. but im sure you can fix anything up in a kosher or halal cook-book with organic ingredients.

  2. There is no evidence to suggest that non-GMO foods are healthier/safer for you than GMO. But since you believe it for no other reason than your personal feelings, that basically makes it faith, or a religious(and organic people tend to hold on to these beliefs religiously, because muh nature).

  3. there actually is.Most studies published on GMO’s are bound by the GE companies approval as per terms and conditions in order to obtain the seeds. studies cant be published without the companies approval. there are plenty of studies that have been conducted and revealed bad health effects linked to GMO’s. you dont have to believe it, but arguing against our right to know that it’s GMO is simply retarded. just shut up, stop asking questions, and eat it. fuck that

  4. Can you cite some? The ones that have been shown to cause “dire” effects have been fraudulent studies (Seralini’s study comes to mind).

  5. Labeling GMOs just creates an unnecessary stigma, there’s no point in labeling because GMOs are not harmful, if you’re scared of the pesticides, it’s as easy as washing them off.

  6. You guys are right, we should make the GMO label a legal requirement, but if we are to add that label, I’d also like to require an additional label. Every food item that was harvested or slaughtered in February, should have an attached warning. As you all should know, February is an unnatural month, the change in length is not found in any natural or ancient month.  A few months ago I began to feel sick, I realized that much of the food I had been eating contained Feburary-contaminated products. The stomach pain only subsided when I switched to a non-Feburary diet. There are those who may claim that “Food picked in February is exactly the same!’” do not listen to these people, they have been paid off by the corrupt calendar industry. The fact is we simply do not know what February does to our food. If we do not ban food harvested in this franken-month we should at least label it.

  7. Hope you don’t mind but i used your video for a petition to label GMOs. thank you for sharing this

  8. Ahh the comments section. What is the big deal about having labels? Its not like they’re changing the food or doing anything to prevent people from buying the food. Its for people who want to avoid eating GMO’s. Why is that so horrible?

  9. Wow nice fear mongering video 10/10
    Gmos are safe, farmers do not douse their crops in roundup. On a acre of soybeans I spray 16oz of roundup and why are you guys so crazy about roundup when theirs 300 different herbicides on teh market. You retards literally take the safest and best weedkiller and want to ban it. Agent orange was 50% 2,4-D and 50% 2,4,5-T. Guess what the 2,4-D was perfectly safe but the 2,4,5-T was contaminated with the dioxin. There are only 2 bad weeds that are resistant to roundup and that water hemp and ragweed but if you put a good pre emerge down you don’t have to worry about it and if you do see those weeds in your field a last resort is cobra. Why do 9/10 Americans think gmos are bad because they don’t know what a gmo is and how farmers produce their food because idiots like you spread bullshit information.

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