GMO Foods: The 10 Most Commonly Modified Foods

Weight Loss Tip:Pay close attention to your late-evening snacking habits. Even after eating dinner, many people still make a habit out of indulging in a snack in that window between dinner and bedtime. This should be avoided at all costs unless you choose to snack on a healthy, nutritious food, like veggies or non-fat dairy products.

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Genetically modified foods are foods with altered DNA. Their genetic material has been combined with other forms of life, including other plant forms, insecticides, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. Guest expert Jeffrey Smith, pioneer of the non-GMO movement and founder of the Institute of Responsible Technology, and I discuss some of the most common GMO foods and why they should be avoided.

In this video, we also share three of the newest GMO foods on the market that you may not be aware of. Watch our video to learn more and avoid the harmful side effects of genetically modified foods, which include increased allergies, antibiotic resistance, faster aging and more.

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  1. I love what you are doing to help others become aware of GMO’s and how they can harm us. I feel lucky that I have purchased almost completely organic meat and veggies for my family for years. However, every Christmas we go to our local butcher and purchase a very delicious fresh prime rib and he has kindly passed us pounds of the fat trimmings for mixing in with deer meat after hunting season. And now, after watching this eye opening video last week, I decided to call and ask if the butchers meat is grass fed or organic. Is is non organic and grain fed. I’m not too concerned with the one meal a year at Christmas time, though all that fat that was added to our wild deer meat really concerns me. My husband thinks I am being overly worried, but it could have the same destroying effects to our cells even with small amounts of fat, correct? I try very hard to feed my family right and now I feel like I have a deep freeze filled with harmful food. I don’t want the stress about the meat to harm me, and next year I will seek out organic meat trimmings, but I’m not sure if I should let it go from my mind, or just choose not to eat the meat for myself? And suggestions?

  2. Not all GMOs are bad foods, we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time, but beware of the foods like shown in this videos.

  3. Currently, 64 countries around the world REQUIRE LABELING of genetically modified foods. Unlike most other developed countries – such as 28 nations in the European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and even China – The USA has NO laws requiring labeling of genetically modified foods.

    GMO food is the leading cause of allergies in children, infertility of young healthy women and the excessive amount of cancer cases we have these days… the sad part is, the government will never admit this..

    This generation of children are being raised with GMO food and MANDATORY GMO vaccines, it makes me sick knowing I do not have an obvious understanding of what I am feeding my daughter and what is being injected into her body in order for her to attend school…..

    I buy organic fruit and veggies.. grass fed meat and eggs.. organic almond milk… but everything in between is unknown!! It is unknown because, our disgusting former President, Barack Obama passed laws allowing Monsanto to breeze through the GMO approval process and allowed Monsanto employees to be hired at the FDA, EPA and other government positions of authority to review and approve the GMO usage and procedures in the USA..

    The sad truth is… most people do not know the definition of GMO… they have heard of it, they know it is bad, but they don’t fully understand the extent of it… they don’t understand that because 93% of corn is GMO corn that EVERYTHING WITH CORN ON THE INGREDIENT LABEL HAS GMO PRODUCT IN IT, unless is says “non-gmo” or “organic” … and 99% of food that is in a bag, box, bottle or can at your local grocery store will not be organic or non-gmo… this includes, cereal, oatmeal, canned soup, etc…

    So many people assume that the government has their best interest in mind… and that they would not do anything that would harm them… but, the truth is once the government decided GMO labels were not mandatory, this decision made it very clear that they are trying to hide the truth from us…

    We all need to share this video… and wake up the masses… and speak up and demand GMO labels to start and then go for a complete GMO ban in the USA!!! We need to do this before it is too late! The real seeds making real food for us and the animals we eat will become extinct or unintentionally modified by cross-contamination … the majority of the existing soil in the USA is contaminated… and the adjacent organic farms are in danger of cross-contamination due to the seed and water run off from the GMO crops….

    This has been going on since 1994… and it has been quietly growing ever since…. it’s now completely out of control and eventually we will not have any options… Monsanto money is attempting to buy out organic farms… they are persistent and they are bullies with pockets full of money and they have connections with people in powerful positions within the FDA and EPA… let’s not let the Organic Farmers fight to feed us healthy food… let’s fight for the Organic Farmers!

    Please talk about GMO food and the law stating GMO food does not require labels in USA…

    Wake up everyone you know and ask them to do the same!! Our children’s future depends on us… do this for the children!

  4. The wealthy can afford free range, organic food and non fluoridated water. They live longer need less healthcare and their children’s genes are not corrupted!!
    When an apple cost more than a bag of chips or a hamburger something is seriously wrong!!
    Monsanto, Big Pharma., Big Agra. Healthcare and the Insurance Companies are all connected!
    Make them sick! Keep them sick! Charge the tax payers and We Will Get Paid!!!
    Keep your population in poor health and in desperate need of Government Help!!

  5. Hey idiots, ALL foods we eat are vastly profoundly modified without exception and that started 10,000 years ago when we first started saving the best seeds.

  6. GMO is a laboratory breeding process that makes seeds that grow plain old ordinary food. There is no ‘GMO’ in the food itself, that’s idiotic and the reason Obama stopped all you anti-science folks’ state labeling initiatives.
    GMO is a process, not an ingredient. Same as there are no microwaves in your food after you warm it.

  7. If Dr. Axe reminds us to punch that share, hit that like button and subscribe one more time in his videos I am going to track him down and beat the shit out of him. Seriously Dr. Axe, your credibility and level of respect drops every time you remind us to do this. Have you been influenced by how much your making on You Tube that you have gotten this greedy? Yo Josh, keep what’s important in sight. Helping people and their over all health.

  8. My Mom got a tomato with spouts of tomato plants in her fresh tomato and I got a spout in my Apple. We bought them in the same store on the same day. I’m scared to eat. There’s a lot of food I stop eating because it’ not real food. Now this. People need to stop this. The meds and the vaccines that they give our kids has mercury in them. Flu shoots has mercury in them. I believe this is why people is so sick and has cancer. They talk about fighting cancer, but they feed people this shit. Then pump us full of toxic medication. Wake up people.

  9. the only thing worth sharing is the good news about the lord and as people come unto him he will change them and they will want to live healthier otherwise you are just condemned to sickness.

  10. There are people who continue to defend Montanto’s GM food, and their efforts to NOT label foods that are genetically modified.

  11. We eat all organic! We don’t eat dairy, meat or eggs! We don’t eat GMO’s!
    This was helpful to know the new GMO risks. Sad to know potatoes & Apples are now a problem! This needs to be stopped!!!! Safe food choices are dwindling down so fast! Thank you for the info!

  12. take Creator medicine daily be healed daily claim your benefits claim your promises claim your blessings

  13. Hi! You have a video titled 10 toxin foods and 10 healing foods.
    I would like to know how is any foods healing at this day and age when on one hand we have GMO foods and then we have regular food that’s being sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and etc. Then I’ve watched documentaries about even organic farms are been ruined by the herbicides and other stuff because it’s traveling from one place to another for hundreds of miles. So how do you know when u are spending all that money on fruits and vegetables and the crop that the animals are eating that’s being fed an organic and vegetarian diet is not eating crops that have that stuff in it.

  14. i watch all his videos he is my favorite especially whe he talk briefly well done dr josh

  15. Has anyone Ever protested near the white house asking Trump to stop people from growing GMO food and Ask him to not allow GMO’s in animals that we eat or don’t eat.

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