GMO Foods? How To Tell, Truth About Genetically Modified Foods & Label GMO Psychetruth Nutrition

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GMO Food, How To Tell, Truth About Genetically Modified Foods & Label GMO Psychetruth Nutrition

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I personally am Anti-GMO and vegan. Nevertheless, I have watched a lot of videos about GMO and read about it. Here is what I think goes on in the head of GMO company executives-

    Your right to know anything ends where big corporation profit-loss begins. Grow up! No GMO labeling in America is just one example out of a many. GMOs are poison, true, but in reason its okay to give it to the public because in theory, extremely slow killing poison is not poison. Greasy food clog arteries and will eventually kill you. People still eat it and labeling it not required. Pills and big doctor bills can fix immediate problem; people are accustomed to that (knowingly or not is irrelevant). Any food with 50 ingredients you have no idea what they are, will most likely contribute to killing you in the far future. But that is cool. Pills and doctors bills fix short-term issues. Long term is thinking too far. Lots of everyday beauty products that are non-organic are carcinogens. But they are cool since none will kill you immediately. People only care about being alive now and do not think of the future. Being sick now is okay, pills can fix that. If there is a lot of things ruining lives and people are okay with it (regardless of knowingly or not), GMO companies might as well make some money before the eventual…; just like beauty and other companies do.

  2. the monstrous evil nwo satanist controlled monsanto can and will shrove down your throat the gmo Frankenstein food, anytime.

  3. Sure wld love ta gt some of that organic whole milk from homegirl’s utter tho! ummm

  4. SERIOUSLY i america they don’t write gmo is gmo on label? that’s soooo disrespectful for customers your government treat you like pigs, and rise you like one.

  5. Button up your blouse evil woman! You are one of the many reasons we are plagued with GMOs!

  6. I know everyone has said that gmo is bad for us and organic is good for us i did not know that back in the day until i looked it up now a days

  7. Most U.S. soymilk, tofu, etc is non-gmo. Gmo soybeans are mainly fed to cows and used in processed foods in the form of soybean oil.

  8. gmo food is modified to grow in weed killer. gmo wheat is a double whammy its sprayed in the growing season and they spray it again before harvest to dry it out so its saturated in weed killer

  9. Glyphosate has been found in everything EVERYTHING on this planet. So I wonder anymore

  10. with GMO produces no seeds so you cant replant and if the seeds get destroyed guess what no food you all starve

  11. join the republic, u dont have to join the washington DC federal monpololy money game. google carl miller dollars humor, and sins let em eat coffee beans america

  12. GMO foods are not safe which is why they are banned in 38 countries. If they were safe there would be absolutely no need to ban them.

  13. Gmo are not safe and if you listen to the video the mice that ate gmo
    Develop tumors, yeah real safe lol obesity Alzheimer’s cancer rate is higher now then ever before big pharma develop GMOs the sicker we are the richer they get.. Reading some of these comments that food should not be labeled are morons is it not our business what we eat, we should have the choice to know what we want to eat and shouldn’t we have the right to know what it is we’re eating what is it none of our business?
    Only reason they don’t want to lable it is because their afraid of losing money. Trust it because
    they say it’s safe? they wouldn’t lie to us LMFAO it’s all about money everything is about money we live and in a greedy Society G.M.O genetically modified living organisms think about it. I honestly can not believe just how naive some people are. We are getting sicker not healthier just look at the cancer rate, the rate of autism, and Alzheimer it’s increasing by the minute. Whom ever says GMO is safe have Their hands in on the Fortune.

  14. I have to assume that people who don’t cite their sources have something to hide. I agree with the premise of full transparency. But you failed to make a good case for why we shouldn’t eat GMO.

  15. [Insert naturalistic fallacy here]
    [Insert organic doesn’t use pesticides here]    
    [Cite obviously biased source here]
    [Call me a shill]
    [Enjoy your poison]
    [Insert something about god here]    
    [Misspell glyphosate]
    [Science has been wrong before]
    [Cite cherry picked/disproved study here]

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