GMO Food is Poison! Learn the Truth Watch – Fed Up [Full Documentary]

” upload_time=”2014-04-26T22:15:48.000Z” description=”FED UP – Documentary (2002) In the harvest of 1999, 60% of Canada's canola crop, 90% of Argentina's soybean crop, 50% of the US' soybean crop, and 33% of the”]
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FED UP – Documentary (2002)
In the harvest of 1999, 60% of Canada's canola crop, 90% of Argentina's soybean crop, 50% of the US' soybean crop, and 33% of the US' corn crop was genetically engineered. Industrial agriculture is damaging the basis for future production. We've got soil erosion, soil compaction, salinisation, water logging, destruction of beneficial biodiversity, loss of natural enemies of pest… and all that is occurring in an alarming rate.
Three things needed to come together to make the Green Revolution work. One was the development of specific high yield and often dwarf varieties of wheat, rice and corn that were derived by special outcrossing and hybridization techniques that Norman Borlaug perfected, working in Mexico and South-Western United States. Secondly there was a tremendous investment of funds from the Rockefeller foundation and the World Bank to assist poor countries to develop broader food base based on these resources. And third, there was tremendous availability, input and requirement for pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation which combined reinforced the value to a merchant commerce of supporting this type of agriculture.
The Ford and Rockefeller foundations in the '50s were concerned that if the issue of hunger in the third world wasn't addressed, than poor people in those countries would be ripe for communist subversion. The Green Revolution, which is really the introduction of chemical agriculture under forced circumstances, in India acted as an antidote to social change and reinforced the patterns of inequality. The smaller peasants lost their land because they couldn't afford to keep up with the credit payments linked to the Green Revolution, the usage of water skyrocketed which left huge land regions basically desertified, the agricultural diversity has been wiped out, and yes the production of rice and wheat has increased but that was not an absolute increase in food.
Faced with a choice of crop failures and resulting worldwide starvation, the use of pesticide and herbicides seems inevitable. Pesticides came out of the defense industry. The first modern synthetic chemical pesticides were derived from nerve gases developed by the Germans in World War II. They were made by simple changes in the molecules and instead of having their greatest toxicity for human beings they could have their greatest toxicity for insects.

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  1. If you are concerned about GMO you must you MUST stop eating the flesh of
    animals. They are force fed tons TONS of GMO. And it is animal grade GMO
    not human grade. It is stored in their blood, bones, flesh and fat. Save
    yourself. Save the animals. Stop eating GMO.

  2. There are two things that work here…
    Monsanto is an evil corporation. GMOs are genetically modified organisms
    and we have been modifying farm crops through human selection for as long
    as we’ve had agriculture. There is NO scientific evidence whatsoever that
    connects GMOs with health problems in humans that is a scientific fact. If
    you were an advocate against GMOs that’s fine I’m all for labeling but
    let’s not panic here folks…. without GMOs the world population would die
    off we couldn’t feed 7 billion people. The vast majority of scientific
    literature available supports GMO production is being healthy for human
    consumption. There are always those who fear new scientific breakthroughs
    at their inception!

  3. There is so much misinformation in this film that it really is a fallacy
    from beginning to end. I realize that there are people out there who are
    against every scientific discovery at its inception but that doesn’t mean
    that they’re right. The comment about food crops being not nutritious is
    absurd! Before we ever began genetically modifying organisms through
    scientific methods our crops were already suffering from malnutrition
    because of the ever increasing population of the world and having to use
    farmland over and over again without supplying the nutrients back to the
    soil. This has nothing to do with GMO production! If you want more
    nutrients take a multivitamin!

  4. they are trying to say we were eating gmos for centuries, and that is not
    true:the tomatoes and other vegetable evolved throu hybridisation, which is
    not the same thing as gmo .

  5. Good information. Presented well.

    As I’ve mentioned and pondered in other places here on youtube… have we
    passed the point of no return, as far as GMOs in our food supply? And…is
    that what the folks who grow and promote this s**t have always wanted? 🙂
    They DO like to act so altruistic when their motives are questioned. They
    JUST want to feed starving 7&1/2 year-olds in Kenya! Right…

  6. Guys, wake up! GMOs are genetically modified to be more productive and more
    RESISTANT to pests, so they need LESS pesticides!
    Stop spreading this bullshit!

  7. Why would the title present GMO as poison when the farmer’s produce
    featured in video is no less poison? Is this ethical ? Looks a lot like
    they are promoting their produce as better to make money at the expense of
    the less informed.

  8. Do a web search for “weeding robots” ( solar powered ). They are available
    and working today to work the fields. Tell Monsanto and the FDA to do what
    is right – NO GMO IS NEEDED.

  9. +crackerwv You fucking coward. You reply to people’s comments and then
    delete their comment and block them? It doesn’t get any more cowardly than
    that. You must know you’re wrong. Do you have a fucking agenda or
    something? GL you fucking nut.

  10. the Bible itself says in deuteronomy in 22:9 not to sow the land with
    diverse seed. its sounds like it’s condemning gmo food

  11. Wake up people! Aside from all the so called “testing”, your instincts and
    taste buds alone should tell you gmo related “foods” are at best garbage
    and should be treated as hazardous waste.

  12. Have you ever eaten foods that taste an awful lot like fish? Well that is
    solely because they take the genes from fish and the fertilizer is fish
    based. cattle and chickens are fed fish based foods and you can smell it
    and taste it in the foods under the right conditions or if you don’t eat
    them all the time day after day.I don’t buy some eggs because they smell
    and taste of fish, nor do I eat beef that smells like fish, and I do try it
    from time to time but find it always the same fishy smell and taste.

  13. Monsanto is a flat out TERRORIST ORGANIZATION as described under Title 18
    USC section 2332 both domestically and internationally. They should be
    prosecuted as such along with treason and sedition under 18 USC chapter
    115. Theier use of weapons of mass destruction on a civilian population
    through the use of dangerous chemical agents that are used in everything
    from fertilizers, vaccines, chemtrail spraying and all the other poisonous
    biological agents that they have produced needs to be addressed, their
    corporate charter dissolved immediately and all of their employees indicted
    and imprisoned and the leaders and conspirators behind it all should face
    capital punishment along with every other company they consort or do
    business with since those companies are basically aiding and abetting a
    known terrorist organization.


  15. Why is it that the gmo advocates never seem to boast about the taste and
    nutritional content of gmo “food”? It seems this issue is purposely
    avoided. Could it be that gmos have been proven to be nutritionally
    deficient? Nutritional deficiency is the root cause of most diseases.

  16. IN the year 2017 here in the USA we are getting GMO POTATOES:( America is
    now infested with GMOS, almost 80% of food products have GMOs in them. Our
    government is controlled by MONSANTO and big business, so yea,we have no
    rights about food safety in the USA. The sad part of it all is that the
    American population are very apathetic about GMOs, they don’t seem to care
    or want to hear about it. the USA is a lost cost, so to all you out there
    in the WORLD please keep fighting to keep GMOs out of your country. Todays
    date is 11-07-16, I don’t know how much longer I have to live since I to
    carry the GMO strain. Constant headaches, nose bleeds, terrible coughing,
    always lethargic. . . I am survivor 797999, peace out. . .

  17. your government kill you by chemical food like indians killed by clothes
    that infected by smallpox or varicella they say chemical drug is the only

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