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GMO is a ticking timebomb. Here’s what to do.

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0:17 What is GMO?
0:38 Why the companies do this
1:16 Foods that are mostly genetically modified
1:52 What happens when you consume GMO foods
2:11 GMOs being fed to animals
2:30 GMO studies
3:51 Solutions

In this short video, we’re going to talk about GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

What is GMO?
GMO (genetically modified organisms) is where they take a gene from one species like a fish and insert it into another species like a soy plant to alter the mechanics of what that plant can do.

Companies that do this really want to create a Roundup Ready plant. This means the plant will be resistant to Roundup Ready, which is an herbicide.

Foods that are mostly genetically modified:

• Soy
• Corn
• Canola
• Cottonseed
• Salmon (unless it’s organic)

If a soybean, for example, is resistant to a pesticide, you can spray the pesticide or herbicide on the plant, and the weeds around it will die, but the plant will not. However, you’re still getting the chemical in your body, and the liver can’t detoxify it.

95% of the GMO sold in the United States is being fed to animals—it’s in animal feeds. It goes through the animals and straight to you.

What you can do:

1. Consume organic foods (especially chicken, eggs, and cheese)
2. Consume cruciferous foods on a daily basis


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  1. Except there's no link between eating organic and living longer/healthier. Most of the pesticides can be washed off and can be destroyed by cooking. Organic farming also permits naturally occurring pesticides which can be more toxic than standard.

  2. PEANUTS….most peanuts are a GMO as well. For kids, that's pretty important. Corn….corn is a GMO as well. Corn is in everything. Also, "free range" means nothing but "pasture raised" is what most people think of when they hear 'free range'. Free range simply means the chickens are given a small (super small) area they can 'choose' to use at least once a day. It doesn't mean the chickens are kept outside, in a pasture where they should be. That is what 'pasture raised' means but even then you have to be very careful and read the label.

  3. In a greedy corrupt system how the heck do you know "organic" is organic instead of GMO. CNN even did a show about fake organic at farmers markets, and most fish is a lie, you're sold the incorrect fish on purpose, even this Dr tells us about 90% of oil on the shelf is a lie… We're totally screwed unless we have a home chemical testing lab

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