Genetically Modified Foods and Their Pros And Cons

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In This Video:
From advantages like strengthening crops, insect resistance and being good for the environment to disadvantages like allergic reactions to outcrossing and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00

They are more appealing to eat – 00:54
Stronger crops – 01:20
They are easier to transport – 02:08
They are cheaper – 02:33
Insect resistance – 02:58
Improved Nutritional Content – 03:20
New products – 03:48
Decrease in Global Warming – 04:14
Medical benefits – 04:45
Lesser use of pesticides and herbicides – 05:12
Good for the environment – 05:42


Allergic reactions – 06:09
May produce superbugs – 06:51
Antibiotic resistance – 07:28
Outcrossing – 08:00
Lower Level of Biodiversity – 08:25
May affect animal protein – 08:51


1. They are more appealing to eat: Colors can be changed or improved with genetically modified food so they become more pleasing to eat. Deeper colors change how the brain perceives what is being eaten. Deeper red colors make food seem sweeter, even if it is not. Brighter foods are associated with better nutrition and improved flavors.

2. Stronger Crops: One of the main advantages of GM technology is that crops can be engineered to withstand weather extremes. This means that there will be good quality and sufficient yields even under poor or severe weather conditions. As populations across the world grow and more land is being utilized, farmers are pushed to grow crops in locations that are originally not suitable.

3. Easier to transport: Because GMOs have a prolonged shelf life, it is easier to transport them greater distances. This improvement makes it possible to take excess food products from one community and deliver it to another that may be experiencing a food shortage. GMO food gives us the opportunity to limit food waste, especially in the developing world, so that hunger can be reduced and potentially eliminated.

4. They are cheaper: GMO crops are bred to grow efficiently. This means that farmers can produce the same amount of food using less land, less water, and fewer pesticides than conventional crops.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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  1. "Outcrossing" – 08 : 00 is not an issue. There are no wild versions of the crops we grow and only a 25 foot buffer is required between organic and GMO fields.

  2. Number of people or animals killed by GMO food worldwide: 0

    Number of people who got sick from GMO foods worldwide: 0

    Number of global catastrophes caused by GMOs: 0
    Number of new 'superweeds' caused by GMO farming: 0

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