GCN’s Top Ten Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

Weight Loss Tip:For the best nutritional value, be sure not to overcook your vegetables. Simply steaming them for 10 minutes or so is usually plenty to get the right texture and retain the most in flavor and nutrition. Whatever you do, don't boil your veggies for an extended period of time. This robs them of nutritional value.

Cycling is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. Here are GCN's Top 10 Tips for losing weight by cycling.

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Weight loss and fitness are aims for many of this New Year. Cycling will benefit both. With a few dietary adjustments and a bit of forward planning, you can slim down and get fitter.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. You don’t need to cut sugar from tea and coffee, just drink less tea or coffee. or just have an espresso.

  2. I started slimming world in January lost 4 stone in 8 month ..i hv just completed my 3rd triathlon at 56 year old .
    I hv a hybrid bike had it years now 🙂
    I’ve just bought myself a road bike for 1st time ever boardman carbon road bike.. absolutely love it .. but I know 4 stone ago I wud of bust the tyres lol…
    Love your tips .. just fin work sat pm seen this video and now am off out on my road bike :))))

  3. I have started riding to try to loose weight.. my biggest problem is while I am at work and extremely tired.. I snack.. like right now I am having pop tarts.. I hate myself when I tired eat.

  4. My close friend was the one who told me about the diet when she laughed and said how she lost her weight. She was able to reduce 17 pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan”!

  5. I don’t drink alc.
    I rarely eat sugar.
    Never eat fast food. Veggies, fruits and legumes are my main foods.

    It still takes soooooo long. Well better slow than fast…

  6. Hey, depends what espresso, the watery english one is basically nothing, If you take a double spanish cortado or an Italian espresso, you’ll die of heart attack

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