Food Politics: A Molecular Biologist’s Take On The Safety Of GMO Foods

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Today we ask a scientist the questions: Why GMOs? Are their viable safety studies? How does the body recognize a GMO from a non-GMO food? Where is the bridge to change the way we are genetically modifying foods to make them safer for human consumption? Such an interesting conversation! Join us and share your thoughts. Leave a comment below. ūüôā

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. He’s not eating gmo’s because he’s going to whole foods and buying organic! lol. ¬†

  2. It amazes me how you can have a scientist/expert and the overall consensus of scientific organizations tell people that gmos are completely safe and is at the molecular level the same as hybridizing or natural selection and people still don’t believe it. ¬†

  3. As soon as you change one molecule or strand of the plants DNA it becomes a new protein or carb.¬† In other words, nature already does this selective process on its own, but it¬†knows inherently what it is doing.¬† Man comes along and because we can identify a DNA sequence, we think that we now understand all of it,¬†when all that we understand are the very basics, if that.¬† Nature has already accounted for pests and other animals who will eat certain¬†plants by¬†producing¬†a counter mechanism for this dilemma.¬†¬†GMO is¬†ONLY about increased sales, patents, and so that companies can still use their chemicals, while the plant gets to live.¬† They get everything up front in the form of cash and sales and our bodies are stuck with all of the negative effects, and so is our environment.¬† These companies already have millions and billions of dollars; therefore they are sick and should be treated accordingly, or – they should be charged with crimes against humanity.¬† Everyone knows that these corporate people don’t eat the foods that they create for us…And to think that they could still have their money the honest way, and without harm.¬† This fact IS why they are sick.¬† They are bloodthirsty for something and¬†because of the evil process of getting “there”¬†it will never allow them to be truly happy – no matter how much they get.¬† Like plant intelligence, our cells – always know what we are doing with them, because our body records everything that we do with it – in real time.¬† That’s what cellular memory and our metabolism is all about.¬†¬†Geez…If these fats cats only knew the real scoop on what they were¬†doing – to themselves – I wonder what they would say?¬† I would imagine that they wouldn’t care very much either way.¬† More money – at whatever the cost – is just how these people operate.¬† They have an uncontrollable addiction to money.¬†¬†My question is – what ever happened to them – to make them THIS WAY?

  4. “We need GMO for 2 important reasons…” ?

    I guess, 13.7 billions years of cosmic evolution isn’t enough proof for us humans, that we certainly do not need GMO crops.

    Until we are taught how to create GMO ourselves, we the people will not care how many scientist tell us it’s safe. We wouldn’t mind, if we were taught how to do the GMO process ourselves. Just like how we have cultivated plants for thousands of years to our liking, teaching the process from generation to generation — instead of HARBORING KNOWLEDGE. I’m sure I’ll be told, “You wouldn’t be able to handle doing GMOs yourself, and especially the rest of the population — it would be too dangerous.” Call us stupid, that seems to be the theme.

    People get called crazies, and deniers. It’s the same bullcrap, In blog after blog that I read, article after article; Comments are usually blocked, or monitored before one can post. Most of the articles and blogs written on either side, are unscientific.Yet the pro-GMO bloggers, and article writers will claim at lengths to know what they are talking about. Yet, still, I see no science reports conducting experiments on the un-safety of GMOs, only reports conducting the safety. If the blogs and articles are unbiased, than there should be science being conducted using the hypothesis that GMOs safety, and science conducted using the hypothesis that GMOs are un-safe.

    ¬†I’m going to spend the extra money on organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, even with my super-low income, because I care about my health, my dog’s health, and the health of those around me.

    If there’s one logical conclusion I can make, it’s that there is no reason I, or anyone else, would buy GMO foods instead of organic foods — with money out of the equation.

  5. You can have all the studies you want you stupid fake scientist, 1 study you CANNOT explain is why my grandparents from India lived till there 105 cancer free, but I lived here the last 45 years, & I have cancer at the age of 50.

    Why is it when I go back to India for 2-3 months at a time, I eat the same exact 4 meals every day, I lose 40 pounds and get leaner and stronger? Why is that?

    Do you think it has to do with GMOs that are in our food? You think something that is created in a lab is MEANT for your body?

    How is it when I spray roundup, a chemical that is used to kill pesticides, on a living person, or a natural living plant, that person/plant will die. BUT when I spray it on a GMO fruit tree/plant, they are immune to it? is that natural?

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