Food Babe: Monsanto To Make GMO Labeling Illegal

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The Food Babe, Vani Hari, joins the show to discuss her new campaign to stop Subway from using meat treated with numerous antibiotics and other chemicals.

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Written by bodyfat52


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  2. Bill Gates the multi billion dollar man has his hand in this Company
    Monsanto and is messing with the food to destroy the human race,, It’s in
    the Pork,, Chicken,, Turkey,, Beef,, it’s in the Grain that the animals
    eat.. Wake up people.. Its in the Bread and cereals that everyone eats for
    breakfast in the morning,, its in the eggs. donuts,, waffles,, ,, Fucking
    Bill Gates is one of Satan’s children.. He has stated that the world has to
    big of a population and it need to be cut to 1/4 of what we have now and
    what better way to do it than with GMO products,, and he will get rich off
    of killing people because he will own all the seeds to grow the food.

  3. Oh, look. Two of the biggest fear-mongering Internet personalities come
    together for 21 mins of bullshit.

    Psuedo-science is psuedo-science, kids. Buying organic is a money-making
    scam. This is America, and you can buy as you please, but science has
    proven that GMO’s are safe time & time again; and no, before any of you
    crazy ass conspiracy theorists jump on The Food Bitch’s side, Monsanto
    doesn’t pay every scientist in America to “promote” them or claim that
    their technologies are safe. Psuedo-science sucks. Nobody should buy into
    this bullshit.

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