Fitness Advice : How To Interpret Your Body Fat Percentage

Weight Loss Tip:Eliminating sodas and soft drinks from your daily routine is one of the most important steps to eating a healthier diet. Most sodas are packed full of calories and contribute absolutely no nutritional value. When you're thirsty, have a glass of water instead, or at least substitute real fruit juice for soda.

Body-fat percentage measures the proportion of body fat to lean body mass, and 21 percent to 24 percent is average for women while 14 percent to 17 percent body fat is average for men. Calculate body fat percentage, taking into consideration age and body composition, with exercise advice from an experienced personal trainer in this free video on fitness.

Expert: Daniel Johnson
Bio: Daniel Johnson's passion for fitness began in his early 20s, and it started with the pursuit of perfecting his push-ups and sit-ups and performing agility drills to become a better athlete.
Filmmaker: Dean Jones

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  1. wow! I used to be in great shape… I was 17% body fat.. Now.. I am afraid to have it checked.. I need to get back into shape. Would anyone know how to loose weight fast and healthily?

  2. I’m really 0 percent body fat. Maybe actually around 0.2-0.5 max. You do the math. I’m 6’2 120. I hate being this way. I eat about 3000-4000 calories a day but I can’t seem to put anything on like food goes right through me. Anybody knows what’s wrong with me? And don’t give me that shit” that I’m not 0 percent it’s not possible.” cause I am. I think I may have a disorder

  3. I’m at 0 percent. I eat 2 to 3000 calories a day and don’t exercise. Not lying. I hate it. Just to put it in prespective. I’m 6’2 120 pounds. Im not anorexic. food seems to go right through me. Is something wrong with me? Should I go to a doctor? I must have a genetic disorder

  4. Carlos. You are funny!1 I agree. Some people are idiots. He should at least have the facts accurate. I have a huge problem with fitness professionals who claim themselves as such and don’t have a clue. lol

  5. I hate to tell you. If you’re 0 percent body fat my friend, You’re a scientific anomaly. You should be in a medical research study. Seriously?? ..

How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage At Home

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