Exercise Vs Diet

Weight Loss Tip:Smoothies are a great diet drink that can also act as a meal or desert. All you need to make it is a blender, along with any ingredients necessary for the smoothie of your choice. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and milk are the main ingredients and all of those are exceptionally healthy foods.

Which is more significant for losing weight?
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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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Written by bodyfat52


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  3. In this video there is a bit of contradiction, because, you can not exercise, if you do not have a good aliumentacion, TO YOU THAT YOU WILL LIKE THAT?

  4. I’m gonna be realistic to you diet is definitely the biggest factor and people typically carry more body fat than they believe and exercise only works to a extent when body fat is decreased all you will be doing is building muscle under the fat so if you have love handles thats gonna be pushed out Diet= 80 Weightlifting = 20

  5. forget the gym, ride your bike. 1 hour is about 600 cals burned. Do it every other day for 6 months and done, you’re no longer a cow.

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  7. my brother eat junk food every day like monster and workout and he looks like bodybuilder and i am fat ugly and dont know english

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  11. if u really want to loose weight jst drop all ur food habid n start a new day with lots n lots of vegetable……then see the result bingo…..

  12. Honestly, I don’t think your weight should even matter to you. As long as you are physically fit and healthy, and don’t have a lot of body fat, you’re fine. Also, muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t let the numbers on the scale measure your success.

  13. I have to disagree with this one. When you exercise, thus build muscle mass, your metabolic rate increases, therefore you possibly can eat that “candy bar” and your body will be able to metabolize it effectively.

  14. What really helped me personally – drink only water (3L/day) or green tea, don’t eat bread, swap sugary cereal for oatmeal with fruit and a bonus would be skip meat products and start eating soya products

  15. I tried this diet program myself after seeing how my friend benefited from it. By now, I`ve dropped 13 and a half lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan”. I am much better after trying this particular life-altering diet.

  16. It’s true diet is more important then exercise but without exercise you cannot build muscle. And if you can’t build muscle you’ll never have a healthy metabolism.

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