Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Exercises Before Workout – Warmup Workout Routine Stretches

Weight Loss Tip:Eat out less frequently. Home-cooked meals can reduce your overall fat intake. Eating at home affords you to have control over the types of food you're eating, which will contribute to a healthier diet.

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HASfit's dynamic stretching warm up exercises will help prepare your muscles and joints for your fitness routine. Use the dynamic stretches and warm up exercise routine to avoid muscle strain and gain flexibility. Visit for the warm up workout instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. for the best free warmup exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym.
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Written by bodyfat52


  1. i have 92kg and 166cm can you help losing weight i used evrrything but
    nothing is working

  2. 6 months of this warm-up followed by a 20-minute Warrior workout, and
    following the eating plan, has helped me lose 25lbs. From 225lbs to, as of
    this morning, 200lbs on my 6’2″ frame. I modify the workout to fit my
    52-year-old abilities (planking in place of each ab set to save my back,
    curls and shoulder weights instead of burpies). I’ve lost 3″ off waistline
    and gained muscle and core strength and definition. Sure, I’ve had
    setbacks, sugar and French fry binges, week-long lazy periods–but I just
    kept at it. Coach Kozak is friendly and encouraging. So much better than a
    drill sergeant type gym rat. I never feel like I have to be perfect at the
    workouts or eating. It’s all about progress. Start easy, let your body
    adjust. Do what you can. Next time you’ll do more, and you’ll feel great
    about doing it in your body, mind, and spirit! Thanks, Coach!

  3. Thank you for helping me get rid of back pain from sciatica… I sit every
    day long hours… can you give me link of video and show me workout routine
    to get flexibility cuz my hamstrings, pelvis and hips are in bad shape…

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