Dr. Paul Saladino Explains How to Lose Weight Healthfully

Body Fat Tip
White bread is good, but high fiber multigrain breads are much better. These breads are another way to add more fiber to your diet and they also have a good protein level. Pork does not assist in weight loss in any way. The less pork you eat, the better off you will be when trying to lose weight. Pork has a high fat content and includes food items such as bacon, ham and sausage.

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Joshua and Ryan discuss how to lose weight healthfully with Dr. Paul Saladino, MD. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at

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  1. I am on carnivore for three months, being faithfully on beef and eggs only combined with OMAD. Didn’t lose any weight. It’s not for me! I’m extremely disappointed!

  2. low fat high carb definitely works for weight loss, but then you aren't getting the essential fat nutrients and your gallbladder will stop working as well….this is why most vegans look horrible and most high carb endurance athletes look horrible when they retire.

  3. Just seen the drs Episode and I completely agree with you that’s what brought me to your channel. I felt 100x better on the keto diet then I did eating a balanced diet. Never felt tired drained restless fatigue ect I even had less bowel movements. Now I’m back to a balanced diet eating about 2500 calories a day I’m 5’9 170 pounds I’m always tired again low energy I crave everything my mind is all over the place. I’m going to do the carnivore diet for 6 months and see how much of a difference I see I will film my journey of it and you’ll be my reference! See you in 6 months

  4. I did Keto for 8 weeks I had the keto flu, then it went pretty well but later I felt drained and my legs made me problems, felt extremely dizzy. I started to eat some organic bread and a little honey and energy was back. Now I try it again but with grass fed animals and more fruits for carbohydrates and I will see, I have Fibromyalgia and pain in legs and arms with RLS.

  5. over 2 months on 90% to 100% carnivore, no breakfast only black coffee……20lbs gone, 10lbs to go. 50 years old, back to my 20's weight in a matter of days soon….unreal.

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