Dr. Mercola Discusses GMO Labeling

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Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses GMO labeling.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. The food that was put on this planet is just right for us. We should have the right to know when companies are playing God with our food.

  2. I think since almost everything has some form of GMO, i.e, soy lecithin, etc., the corps. know approx. 95% all shelved products will be labled GMO. Consumers will go mad over the abundance of GMO vs. non GMO and create an uproar…even though its in minute amount(s), (but many wont know the difference, and they’ll think the entire product they’re consuming is entirely made up GMO). I think they should just put GMO beside the ingredient. On the other-hand, produce should at least win this vote.

  3. Lets make sure to indicate that MONSANTO actually embraced GMO labeling in Europe when they were introduced there.

  4. he pretty much just means monsanto, they are suing everyone in sight, cali and new york set precedents, i emailed new york health board, never got a response, i dont believe in hell but i know everyone that works for monsanto is going there

  5. Real food (the kind grown & consumed by humans for thousands of years ) is NOT the same as Genetically Modified food. As an example, consider “spermicidal corn.” This GM crop looks, tastes and smells like corn, but it sterilizes those who eat it. (Should that, too, just be sold as “corn?”) Unfortunately, all GM food can, by design or by accident, harm you in ways that non GM cannot. Until this is widely understood, leaving “GMO” off the label is a case of lying by omission. It’s fraud.

  6. People will be surprised to find out what food has GMOs.
    It’s so hard to get anything without them, and if not GMOs you have petroleum products.

  7. While I do want to see gmo foods rot in the deepest depths of hell along with monsanto, I’m very skeptical of using government over voluntary participation with organizations like the non-gmo project. Quite frankly, I *know* the government would use this bill or any sucessors or any excuse they can get to regulate small farmers out of existence. As such, I can’t really get behind this bill.

  8. There are to many people living on planet earth right NOW!! They [secret undercover government] want YOU and I off the ride. So, they kill us in silence through our FOOD SUPPLY!! You must wake up. If we don’t know what’s in our MODIFIED food it will, in TIME, KILL US by eating it. They kill rats with MODIFIED GENETIC FOOD in RAT FOOD. They KNOW how to SLOWLY kill you as well.Monsanto KILLS PEOPLE with their FOOD products.

  9. They want to hide it, like Obama hides his records and past from the public. Monsanto and Obuma both evil!

  10. I wish I had money to donate!!!! Its not fair that it is becoming a money issue and not an issue of what is right/wrong. I don’t know if we could ever raise enough money to fight terrible monopolists like monsanto! I hope the government will choose to listen to the people and not lobbyist’s wallets!

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