Dr. Jason Fung: To Lose Weight, You MUST control Insulin

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10 minutes of cardio a day is good for most, you can get this by other methods than running. If you can't run for a physical reason, then try 15 minutes of brisk walking to keep fit. You can walk anywhere if you have time. If work or the grocery store is not far away, consider walking there or riding a bike. It may take you longer, but you're getting your workout in at the same time.

In This Video:
Dr. Jason Fung explains why Calories in calories out isn't nearly as important as controlling insulin when it comes to weight loss.

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  1. In general, I agree (based on my experience doing intermittent fasting for a couple years). My fasting insulin is super low now (about 2mcU/mL), which is good, and means that I am highly insulin sensitive. I did lose a lot of weight going from 33 BMI to 23 BMI. However, even with my low insulin levels, and continuing to be sort-of low carb and doing intermittent fasting and walking for exercise, I can't completely lose my belly fat. I think if insulin was the be-all end-all, I'd lose my belly fat, too, but alas, the diet gods are not so kind…

  2. Now I'm not against what he is saying but I have lost a ton of weight on calorie restriction in the past. Now, maybe what he is saying is what I need to keep the weight off because it always comes back. Food is addictive, habit forming, and sugar is a drug. I'm trying a lower carb approach this time so hopefully I find something that sticks.

  3. He's literally one of the only people saying this on youtube, everyone else says "calories in/Calories out" but coming from experience, this guy is correct. I've tried multiple times to still maintian eating sugar and things like that but just being in a caloric deficit. It worked for a few weeks but i always felt lke my progress stalled, vs when i cut out the sugar and lower my carbs it seems like the fat just falls off me.

  4. So…. I am guessing the name of the game is to eat as few meals in the deal (whilst getting all your nutrition) in order to minimise insulin release? So maybe 1 lunch and one dinner? Or one breakfast and one dinner?

  5. I have insulin resistance issue I’m not diabetic but For me losing weight is hard because I feel like my sugar drops even if I keep my meals balance with protein that and a little bit of carbs I feel super shaky and it’s just hard to not eat as many calories when I’m trying to lose weight because at the same time I need to eat calories so that my sugars stay normal it’s very frustrating

  6. I just wanna express my gratitude to Dr Igudia on YouTube for curing my Type 2 Diabetes with his herbal medication. God will bless you Dr Igudia

  7. 1.8 million morons listening to a quack. Insulin does not need to be "controlled" to lose weight. What needs to be controlled is how much food you stuff in your face vs how physically active you are. Our ancestors have known this ever since they figured out which way is up and climbed down from the trees a couple of million years ago.

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