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Do fat percentage scales actually work?

We get to the truth!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I am suspicious that these scales are a scam, I would like to see somebody
    review test them thoroughly . I know for sure there are hand held devices
    that are a scam, they work off of the info you put into them and give the
    same results even if you complete the circuit with a piece of metal. I am
    suspicious that the expensive bodyfat scales are the same but more complex
    in that they can tell the difference between a person and an object, but
    still use calculations rather than measure the fat percentage in the way
    they claim to.

  2. Sorry, but a lot of things you are saying are inaccurate. People really do
    not gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. To build muscle you need a
    calorie surplus, to lose fat you need a calorie deficit. You can not be in
    a deficit and a surplus at the same time. It’s muscle inflammation from
    starting a workout program that weighs you down at first.
    Yous aid that you will have a higher body fat% because you’re a pear shape.
    What differences does it make? If you have 50lbs of fat in your thighs or
    50lbs of fat all over, it’s still 50lbs.

  3. so if you drink lots of water the scale will flasly show you are more
    mouscular because the electrical current will pass faster !

  4. What about talking the measurement for the hand held scale and the step on
    scale and then add both results together and take the average. wouldn’t
    that make it abit more accurate?

  5. I also have more fat in my lower body. my calfs and upper legs have thick
    not thin layer of fat. because I feel the round balls under my skin. also
    it jiggles lie there is fat. also the skin look like it have fat in it.

  6. Hi: my kid has pear shape. may i know what would be the best method to lose
    weight. any video that she could follow? any different if the scale has
    different type of foot reader?

  7. so if i wanna track my fat percentage change of my lower body then it’s a
    gd to get the scale? lol

  8. good thing I watched this review before making my decision. I was thinking
    only 50 for a scale that measures accurate bmi is too good to be true. So I
    thought one of the ones in the $150 range might be like hospital grade,
    sort of? nope, those have accuracy issues from what I’ve read also. Anyway
    I’ll be sticking to a good, old fashioned single purpose scale. thanks

  9. I started back bodybuilding, I was 210 lbs, scale showed 34.7% (wrong) fat,
    After clean dieting It now show 219 lbs at 37.4% fat (even more
    wrong)…….something is not right, lol

  10. Sigh. if you lose 5 lbs. or fat and gain 5 lbs. of muscle, the difference
    in weight is zero if you’re using an accurate scale. It’s like asking a kid
    “What weighs more? A ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?”

  11. Maintaining a lb. of fat burns about 2 calories per day, a lb. of muscle
    burns about 6 calories per day so the net difference is 4 calories per lb.
    per day. The number you often hear is “50 calories per lb. of muscle vs.
    lb. of fat” This is an old wives’ tale with no scientific basis and the
    human race probably would have gone extinct if our muscle tissue was such a
    calorie hog.

  12. thats the walgreens digital glass scale? I’m actually taking mine back now
    just bought it and I get a different weight everytime lol

  13. Guys, I am a bit sceptical about this review. Kristin is obviously
    concerned about her pear-shape, that makes the reading innacurate so she
    has to slagg all these devices. I find the science behind it pretty clever
    and there is no reason to call it a “SCAM”. What kind of accuracy would you
    expect from 30 quid device anyway? Meanwhile there are more sophisticated
    scales at the market that use both hands and feet to transfer the current,
    which provides actually very accurate readings. The prices are however a
    bit higher, looking at 150 quid and more.. Extra apps & software make them
    even more useful than any other manual methods IMO.

  14. This is the 4th video i hit trying to find something informative about
    these scales. The others were specific about the brand of these scales and
    one of them suggested that these scales will be more helpful with one of
    those watch monitoring things(i don’t know how they are called). This clip
    is a nice change of pace from the tons promotional crap that is on yTube.
    Its well researched and informative. Thank you.

  15. I just bought this yesterday…should be arriving today. I’m still gonna
    use it >.> lol like you said, you can gauge progress on the changes within
    the scale reading, even if they’re a bit inaccurate.

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