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Weight Loss Tip:When you are trying to incorporate new fruits and vegetables into the diet of your family, introduce one item at a time because you do not want to overload your family with new foods. If you bring one item in every few weeks, over the span of a year, you will be consuming lots of new and healthy foods.

Ketogenic diet BASICS :

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Full day of eating on a lean bulk :

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Full day of eating on keto!
Only used food items easily available in India. I honestly believe that Indian food and ketosis go together. If you're looking to undergo substantial weight loss, this ketogenic diet meal plan is your ULTIMATE video. Keto diet meal plan India style.

Whether you're into bodybuilding or not i believe every human should experience the power of this diet at some point in their life. Ketogenic diet meals may get monotonous but the weight loss and fitness effects make up for it all. I've also linked all my keto recipes in this video.

Everything you need to know about the magical KETO diet. No other weight loss diet comes close. In today's video i bring you the detailed diet plan for the FASTEST fat loss diet.

I never put out any of my content without backing it up with SCIENCE. The KETOGENIC DIET is the best, most efficient and fastest fat loss diet known to man.

Your search for the best fat burning diet ends here. This is the fastest way to lose fat for both men and women. Fast weight loss has never been so easy. In today's video i'm going over the basics of the KETO diet for weight loss and fat loss. I'll be covering the ketogenic diet food list, what to avoid in a keto diet and even a bit of my own before and after experience with the keto diet. India, this diet is the best especially for Indian men & women who wanna undergo the fastest weight loss. What is a ketogenic diet ? Watch to find out & burn fat fast.


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  1. +BeerBiceps 190:15:117…This is a low carb diet.Out of 190g of protein more than 100 would be converted back to carb as a process of Body..During keto metabolism is reduced greatly. U cant do intense workout in keto….Did u do a keytone strip test??The amount of fat u took is non even sufficient to trigger ketosis

  2. Bro! U’ve never been on ketosis,if you had isolate protein ìn the water daily. This is a low carb diet! as we can tell with your results as well.

  3. I had reduced 14kg with this keto diet but have still some fat nd now as reaching near to day 40 the results are going slower so what to do to make it more effective even at kadt days i m very thankful for ur this motivated video ..plzz answer my queri

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