California’s Right To Know – GMO Labeling

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An interview with Stacy Malkan of the Right to Know campaign.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. You are right but I have yet to hear a real argument for not doing this. If people vote this down then there is really no hope for this country. Since a lot of our food comes from CA the benefits would be nationwide unless they only label food sold in CA. The “more tax on cigs” initiative they spoke of is really apples and oranges.

  2. you would think that this wouldn’t even have to e debated..individuals have no representation anymore..taxation without representation…hmmmmm…seem like I have read about a revolt due to this about 230+ years ago.

  3. Companies don’t want the GMO label because they know it will effect sales. Yep, I am one……if it were labeled GMO, I wouldn’t buy that product.

  4. We will feature Stacy Malkan again (in-studio this time) on our October 28th broadcast! We’ve invited the “No on 37” side… but so far we haven’t received a response. Stay tuned…

  5. For all of you who think this is a deal breaker or are ” no hope for this country” people. please make sure you never eat corn, rice, wheat, barley, bananas,grapes, and countless other produce that man has been modifying for several century. Oh and by the way world hunger is real. but hey as long as you got the INTERNET your voice is all the matters.

  6. What is the problem? All domesticated products have been genetically modified. Not a lot of native wheat or native rice is around to eat these days. You won’t find any cows in the wild that look like the ones we milk, because we’ve modified cows to the extent they are completely different than the native stock they came from. It’s been going on for at least 10,000 years. What are the specific problems caused by GM foods? Or is this just another OWS thing? Perfectly California?

  7. The only grain I eat is quinoa and I don’t eat much of that. You don’t need to eat grains. I get lots of veggies, fruit and meats and dairy. I am very healthy and not hungry.

  8. I should have been more general. Check into what other foods come from GM’d crops. It isn’t just grains. And those foods also include animals, such as cows and chickens. But, negativity aside, good for you in working to maintain a healthy diet.

  9. No, no no! The gmo technology we have today is far removed from the work of Mendel. If you want to learn about current gmo technology, check out a very comprehensive study called “Myths and Truths” about gmo’s. It is our responibility to educate ourselves because the industry has a vested interest in keeping us in the dark.

  10. There is a very good study called “Failure to Yield”. GMO’s a re a failed science and its only going to get worse.

  11. Who published the study, and where can it be found? It seems odd that companies would pursue research and development that has failed, and is getting worse. Most companies do these things to increase yields.

    Remember California Prop 65 that was to warn people of chemicals in use that might cause harm to individuals? Almost every company in the state, no matter what kind, has the Prop 65 warning on the door. It cost money to implement, but did nothing for the people. Net benefit: zero.

  12. Modified in nature V’s modified in a lab.
    One thing thats putting fear into people is the fact that they are trying so hard to keep it off labels …. why?
    Why cant we make an informed choice? Why cant we look at a label and have everything put on there so that we can make that choice for ourselves? If its because they dont know what they are putting in their products… isnt that yet another point of concern?

  13. If there was some kind of danger to foods that are not as they evolved in nature, it would be reasonable to ban them outright. But there is very little on the menu that hasn’t been manipulated at the hands at farmers, in the greenhouse and in the labs. Try to find a Guernsey cow in the wild, or a big delicious strawberry. And none of it seems to be harming anyone. If a person wants to avoid any modified food product, I’m not sure how they would manage, since wild fish is about it.

  14. This was not about banning genetically modified foods, it was about labeling them so people can avoid them if they’d like to.

  15. That’s like Jews saying they’d like foods to be labeled as un-Kosher so that they could avoid them.
    Any sane person’s answer would be: No. How about you look for foods that are labeled Kosher? Well, can you extrapolate this back to GMO labeling?
    Mandatory labels should be for information that is considered necessary (nutritional value, ingredients, and medical information such as allergies). Whether something is GMO or not is not necessary and should be labeled at the business’s discretion.

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