Calculating body fat with a tape measure and math

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Using math, we can calculate our body fat.
Start by determining your Body Surface Area…
I am 1.92 meters squared.
Multiply by 10,000 to get centimeters squared….
I am 19,200 CM squared.
Estimate your thickness of fat in centimeters, I used 0.6cm.
Multiply thickness by BSA (0.6×19200) and get results….
I am 11,520 cubic centimeters (1000 cubic CM = 1 liter)
I am 11.5 cubic liters of fat (picture a 2 liter pop bottle)
1 gallon=3.8 liters, divide 11.5 by 3.8 to get 3 gallons
1 gallon is roughly 8 pounds (fat is less dense than water, so a gallon of fat actually weighs slightly less than 8 lb)
I am 24lb of fat, divide into 165, for 14.6% fat.

Now, to determine intraabdominal fat, either picture how many gallons you could put in your belly to make it look like it does, or use math to guestimate.
My circumference is 30 inches, multiply by 2.54 to get 76 centimeters circumference. Plug it into the calculator below as CMs to get volume.
Plug in your circumference to get volume in cubic centimeters. Divide by 1000 to get volume of abdomen..
If you are a man, subtract 7.4 liters of “organs” to get your fat.
For a woman subtract 4.6 liters to get fat. Add that value to the value of subcutaneous fat, to get your total fat.

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