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Burn Fat and Build Athletic Muscle at Home –

If you want to burn chest fat in order to get rid of a flabby chest, you are going to have to address this problem two ways. First, you must be willing to get your nutrition in order. You simply cannot eat poorly and maintain high body fat levels because of this and hope to ever get rid of your fat chest. Once you have, then all the focus needs to turn towards your training.

In this video, I show you a chest exercise combo that you can do in the privacy of your own home to help you burn fat and build a bigger chest. The power of this combination exercise lies in the fact that it can be used to overload your pec muscles while helping you to burn fat as a powerful conditioning exercise.

I show you both beginner and advanced versions of this. First, let’s cover the more difficult of the two. To perform this chest and fat burning exercise, set up two benches if you are training at a gym or two boxes if you are working out at home. Get into a push up position between the boxes and perform an explosive plyo pushup while touching both benches with your hands at the top. Land back on the ground and come up to your feet by reversing the burpee position.

From here, immediately jump laterally over the bench to your right and drop down into a pushup plank position again. Here you will perform a Hannibal pushup by quickly touching your toes as you hop out of another explosive pushup. Jump back to your feet and leap back to the middle to once again do the taps version of the exercise. Hop the bench on the other side and do the Hannibal pushups again and continue until your chest is either too fatigued to continue or your lungs are burning because of your conditioning.

The beginner version of this bodyweight exercise to burn chest fat at home is very similar except that you will perform the first exercise from your knees. The perimeter chest exercise is to simply pulse at the bottom of the pushup for 3 reps and then hop back to your feet. Do not try to jump over the bench or box but rather perform a box jump to the top and then simply jump down.

Bodyweight exercises for your chest should consist of more than just pushups. If you are going to do a bodyweight exercise to build your chest then you better make sure that it is causing overload. Far too many home chest workouts fall short in delivering results because they consist of exercises that are just too easy.

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  1. My moobs will smack my chin if I jump. Do you recommend a bra or will that reduce muscle growth?

  2. Jeff this video is great and I find your presentations are excellent to say the are very thorough on each step. You are very thorough in the wording and you get these people I know with this problem watching yuu’re videos on this subject and doing what you present they are starting to results in this you gave in this presentation. I firmly believe by observing your nice physique at the same time gets more and more people then tune you in cause of referral. many of them I meet say Jeff really knows his stuff. With this being said I would to see you do mere presentations such as this one and I respectfully request that you do them start to finish with your shirt off ok Jeff. Many people comment to me that guy really knows his stuff and and at the same the notice your very nice physique and I strongly believe this is what makes you sell very well and more people tune you in. thanks again Jeff for your fine demonstrations and presentations. Respectfully.

  3. It is my first successful diet. I wish this diet program would have been in living a lot sooner. I know I would of lost a minimum of 14 more pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan” for more information.

  4. Those exercises are for people that has a good physical condition, and that kind of people doesnt have Man Boobs lol, and if you are looking for a video to get rid of them, you are probably a chubby fatty guy with big man boobs that wants to get rid of them but obviously cant do those tough exercises, so i think since we know that fat people *no being mean* are watching this vid, it becomes useless, because they cant do those exercises, you should do one vid teaching how to get rid of them, being a guy that cant do those hard exercises such as jumping those bench’s without falling or doing that push up touching your knees wtf that thing should be impossible as fuck for a person thats looking for loose the man boobs. Thats my point of view in order to help people that are chubby, trying to get rid of their man boobs, with exercises that they are able to do, not those professional hella hard exercises that you are doing ther 🙂 thats my humble point of view thank you for taking your time to read this 🙂 God bless ya

  5. Great content, thanks for the video! I drive a semi and am gone (sleeping on the curb outside a shipper 2 nights a week, truck stops 2 nights a week and home terminal 1), so it’s hard to figure out time/ways to workout, but stuff like this video helps tremendously! Diet is the biggest challenge out here!

    Also, that’s a damn fine-looking gym!

  6. Wat the hell how can a big man do this.. U r so fit so you can do that but how a fatty man can do this.. am really dissappointed with the video..

  7. dont ya think a lot of it is just genetics, where weight mainly goes, ur body shape, size of certain parts. I’ve been doin dumbell push up exercises for years but I have small forearms and small chest no definition, and I eat pretty good.

  8. Sorry, but if you’re dealing with someone who has a sagging chest due to excess fat storage and poor nutrition, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that they’re going to be able to do such a complex exercise. All this will do is deter them from being productive in their goals. And don’t get me started on how AWFUL this exercise is for one’s joints. Oh, and if you think the other people in the gym are going to appreciate someone hopping around like that while they’re trying to work out, you’re frigging delusional. But then again, I get that you want to make as many videos as possible to plug your website, so simply saying “Eat properly, and do normal push-ups, using both close and wide hand positions” isn’t going to bring in the cash.

  9. Hey man I have a question for you. I am a professional truck driver and drive for 11 hours straight every day and stop for exactly 10 hours and then repeat that cycle. This repeat for 12 days in a row followed by two days off. My meals usually come from either he loves or pilot truckstop, they usually either have random truckstop foods or maybe a subway inside. What might be a decent way for me to get my nutrition in line?

  10. I was very fat back then but I lose all those fat just by eating rice porridge in 1 year without other ingredients just water and rice because I became very poor at the time but after 1 year somethings good happen to me that I am rich again (yeheey!!) but looking to my self I lose tons of weight so I decided to workout and now I have a healthy normal body now

  11. Iam a very lean man
    6feet tall and weigh67kg
    but i didnt have body size iam a wrestler how can i reduce my weight

  12. sar mere Biceps triceps me kating nhi Aa rahi mujhe 3 saal ho gae h plz koi trips btaiye

  13. This specific diet has given me awesome results. I like to recommend this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to every person to try it. The results manage to come so fast. Furthermore , i know another person who lost 18 pounds.

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