Burn Belly Fat At Home In A Week ( Freez Your Fat And Lose Belly Fat)

Weight Loss Tip:Protein is a necessary component of any healthy diet, but do not consume too much animal based protein. Some high protein diets recommend large quantities of animal based protein which can rob the body of calcium. Over time, this could result in decreased bone density and brittle bones, especially for women. Be sure to monitor your intake and balance your diet appropriately.

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hi every one this is an updated version of the video that i had posted a few months ago.

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  1. If you’re goofy enough to DO this, you deserve whatever happens to you. If it’s cold enough to freeze fat you can also damage your skin permanently via frostbite & fat/tissue necrosis. There’s a reason “coolsculpting” costs what it does—it freezes fat cells ONLY, because fat cells freeze at higher temp (37 degrees F) than your skin cells (32 degrees F). The “method” used in this idiotic video doesn’t freeze ANYTHING preferentially, will give you a righteous case of frostbite to both skin & fat, which your ER Dr will laugh over many times when he tells your story during his lunch break. I’m an RN. I have nothing to do with cool sculpting, I don’t work for them, never have and am not getting any type of compensation whatsoever for making this post AND I’ve never had cool sculpting done, just for the record. I was researching it for myself and tripped across this numbskull’s post and was alarmed at how many questions the poster ( who never shows her face or discloses her name, BIG tip-off there) got. It is cruel to set women up to fail/hurt themselves like this, all out of a deep desire for a certain body contour. DON’T DO THIS ! It’s dangerous. Most people would quit before actual freezing anyway because of the intense burning pain of impending frostbite. I took time to make this post because I cannot bear that anyone would be taken in by what amounts to a nasty hoax. Be safe, be smart. If it looks too good to be true, 9.5 times out of ten, IT IS. Peace, y’all—take care of YOU!~

  2. When placing the ice pack directly on your skin make sure you wet it first because I tried this and I don’t feel it or noticed it had actually stuck to skin and it left me scabs on my stomach which are starting to peel off now but just make sure you wet your ice pack first.

  3. this works. yes becareful but if you start off half an hour a day with in a few weeks you will notice a small change. eating healthy and being active helps too

  4. Yes, it works! I started doing this 2 months ago. I noticed an dramatic increase in having to pee a lot, so wear mini thins. Bladder will leak from the fat passing through your pee! Yes, it is removed in your pee from your body! Any who…. my belly has dramatically lost the fat I could not get rid of doing exercises! It is permanent fat loss too! I did the packs every day for 4 minutes the first week. Every other day the next 2 weeks. Third week to current, I do it every 4 days. FYI, I used a wrap with Velcro around my waist to hold the pack in place as I went about my doing what ever I want. I didn’t place it directly on my skin either. I wore a T shirt and placed it on top of my T shirt.


  6. My Dad said you sound very sexy as he cannot see your face just now. He told me to say anyway

  7. but what she’s saying isn’t making any sense… one fat doesn’t change into another type of fat. lol

  8. I was going to put a comment on this unknown untrained person instructed people how to commit suicide or disfigure themselves but i figured it is just not worth it and hit the report button. be safe guys!

  9. I’m 45% sure you’re Filipino. I’m half Filipino so your accent sounds familiar.

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