Body Fat Testing at Untamed Strength

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Can you guess the body fat percentage of the Untamed Strength members??

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Hydrostatic weighing is not the most accurate way to measure body fat. Bod
    pod is much faster and more accurate, but I don’t expect him to say DEXA
    scan or bod pod is more accurate than the method he makes his living with.

  2. Too many people in the comments fooling themselves with this fallacy: “I’ve
    seen many claims of really lean people being 11% body fat or more, and this
    video shows people less lean than that be 11% bf or less, therefore this
    machine must be wrong, rather than the machines that gave 11% to the really
    lean people being wrong…”

    Assuming that the information in this video is correct, it would make sense
    that numbers seem lower, if the ratio of looks to bf% you are acusstomed to
    is given by the other machines which are proven to be wrong by up to 10% or

    Now how in the hell can you measure how wrong is a method? if there is no
    method that is 100% accurate? you would have to like weigh a person, kill
    him, take out his fat and weigh him again. Not very likely is it? So since
    there is no absolute standard I’m guessing they estimate how wrong a method
    can be by what variables can interfere with the result in theory. In this
    case it makes sense that this water scale is in fact the most acurrate
    since it uses basic physics laws. altered maybe by the contents of your
    digestive tract as one guy said in a comment.

  3. very cool video. very educational actually. I always thought that fast was
    stored differently in different people, but bone I have more evidence to
    prove so.

  4. At 10:46 Matt’s bf is suppose to be at 37.9% bf…which is obese..using an
    online BMI calculator…but he is at 23.5% in this video…but he look like
    he 50% bf…mind blown

  5. In response to all those calling BS on the body fat results, body
    composition is heavily influenced by muscle mass. A great big person who
    looks soft but has lots of muscle mass and a heavier skeleton can have a
    lower body fat percentage than a slim person with little muscle mass. If
    your body works well, you feel good, and you are fit, it doesn’t matter
    what your body fat percentage is.

  6. pound for pound, muscle weighs more than fat as well as muscle being more
    dense than fat. Guy on left is more muscular and lower fat, guy on right
    has less muscle but makes up for the weight in fat mass. Guy on right also
    looks like he’s suckin it in a little

  7. I forgot how many right answers but I was way worse than I thought I would
    1c c c 2a c b 3c c c c 4a b 5a c a

  8. It’s not about eating what ever you eat. You can eat what ever as long as
    you keep calories in check.

  9. my father was an exception, he gained 100 pounds in 1 year. 40 of it was
    muscle, just to show you what is possible

  10. For a true test the tank should be much larger. That’s why these numbers
    seem off, because they are.

  11. Thats exactly my problem. Its easy to eat healthy on workdays. But its hard
    to eat healthy on the weekends.

  12. Ok so I did what everyone should do before believing 1 video they’ve seen
    on Youtube, I did some research myself.
    So hydrostatic weighing for individuals actually has an error margin of
    around 5-6 percentage points, and that is if done properly which did not
    seem to be the case in this video (I mean there were bars you could use to
    push yourself down onto the scales).
    There is a more accurate method of measuring body fat which basically
    combines hydrostatic weighing, dexa, and something called deuterium
    the results in this video were obviously all over the place, you should
    never just take the word of someone that has a vested interest in making a
    product seem really good.

  13. if I consume less than the calories I need, will I automatically consume
    muscle mass before fat? I’m guessing I’m about 20-30% body fat

  14. How is the lady at 12:00 weighed more than me, while I’m a male and same
    height(height is a sad story)???? What??????? I don’t understand
    anything????? I do gym workout and all the shit? But how.

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