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Hi lovelies! 💕 As I shared on Insta this week, I've gained a few pounds, and I wanted to get my body fat measured to confirm this and see where I'm currently at. Let me remind you that no number on a scale, not even on a body fat test, can measure how AMAZING you are and this is me simply sharing one point in my journey. I rarely, if ever, share how much I weigh because I don't feel it holds any importance and if anything, I welcome weight gain since it's usually mostly muscle! This time it's fat, but I'm okay with that, too. 😊 It's been a few busy, but very exciting months and I have many memories to cherish. But now, it's time to get back to work! 😜💪

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  1. Hi Anna! Do you mind sharing how much they charge for a body fat like the one you just did?

  2. I’ve never heard of a hydro-whatever body fat analysis thing. lol that’s so cool! I know girls everywhere are wanting these accurate tests so hopefully they have these mobile trucks everywhere. I wanted to share with you what test I’ve been taking. It’s called Styku and I do it at my gym. I made a post with my results on June 25 & I just made an appointment for my accountability photos followup on July 23. It’s a body scanner done with an Xbox and the printed results will make you laugh out of disbelief. I mean, I know my cellulite and it was all very visible. *insert crying emoji here* lol tell Luca great job on his progress 🙂 this is an awesome video! Thanks for posting. Oh, one last thing…I have a scale at home that claims it can measure body fat %, too. I’ll do it before I have my next styku test and I’ll post my results. 😉 much love. <3

  3. Thank you! Try a Bod Pod test! I have heard that they are just as accurate as the hydrostatic tests.

  4. Have you ever had a DEXA scan? I’ve read that they’re the most reliable way to measure body fat. Would be interesting to compare!

  5. Hi Anna, I just wanna tell you that you are my inspiration. Following your journey, and you being so real is what makes you relatable. Your inner beauty shines through and thank you for inspiring us all. More Power to you.

  6. I’ve done the scale where you hold the handles and I personally think it’s really far off. I work out a lot, I’m about a size 4 at 5’5″ and it tells me I’m 30% body I’ve been thinking about doing this dunk test, I read that it’s a lot more accurate than the other options. thanks for posting this!!

  7. Love this video! Thanks for being so honest, it’s really nice to hear someone just remind me how much the scale doesn’t matter. I started lifting heavier this past year and gained 10 pounds!! That freaked me out, but when I got a body fat percentage test done (the squeeze clamp things haha) it told me I had lost 8% body fat!!!! I still can’t weigh myself because the weight gain upsets me a little, but your videos make me feel so much better! You’re the best, Anna❤️

  8. I love it! 😀 I’ve been watching your videos and workout progress but yet I’ve been away from working out constantly but you’ve been a great motivation to me! have a great day you two!

  9. Love you guys! always true to your audience and that is rare these days. Keep up the great content.

  10. Someone recommended me Ozeri step on scale, which supposed to measure your body fat more or less accurate. It would be cool if you could review some of those body fat scales and find which one was the closest to your results from the Hydra test

  11. Anna, you are amazing! Thank you so much for being honest with us and for being such an inspiration! I am trying to embrace every single step of the journey with your mindset and positive vibes! I don’t want to be mad at myself anymore!! Thank you. I mean it! ❤️

  12. You should do a video series here on Youtube as to how exactly you plan on reaching your goals!! I have put on a few pounds as well and having a hard time getting back to where I was!

  13. what’s the scale you have at home that is really inaccurate for body fat percentage? it’d be helpful to know since i haev one i bought on Amazon!

  14. Please! Do the other methods so we can compare them… would be great!! And thank you for your raw honesty and inspiration. You always seem positive and optimistic. THANKS!

  15. Hi Anna (and Luca), I loved the video. The ending was so cute! If you’re looking for another type, I would try to find somewhere that has a Seca scale. The gym I was at got one and we got to try it out. The results showed everything from your body composition, to your water weight to even how much muscle you had and where. I think that’d be a good one to try out. Again loved the video! #snapfam #fbggirl

  16. this is such a positive video thank you anna for doing this n the last part was so adorable ❤️ my question is i also gained a lot of weight due to bad eating i have downloaded ur fbg preview will start it but i dont have any gym membership can i do with resistance bands? n about liss how can i do at home ? how can i control my cravings???

  17. I actually just came across your story on Instagram, It’s amazing that they’re inaccurate like that. Being a trainer, that’s what they tell is you pretty much the gold standard!

  18. Hi Anna- I have a question about the guide. Does it come through email/is it downloadable or is it a physical guide?

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