Body Fat Percentage Versus BMI Or Body Mass Index | Gaining Muscle And Losing Fat? Use The Scale?

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The only thing that can come from only using the scale to see if your exercise program is working is “Bad News”.

If you really want to know if your program is working for you you need more tools. You see; our body is made up of about 60% water.

A 150 lb. person has about 100 lbs. of water. That water goes in and out of cells, muscle, organs depending on many factores. For women a certain time of the month, for higher intake of sodium, for intake of different types of carbs, etc.

My point is that your bodyweight fluctates for so many reasons that we can't figure it out.

Three ways that are better than just using the scale to see if your fitness program is working is:

#1 The way your clothes fit

If your pants are more lose around the waist and you have
more room in your clothes than more than likely are losing fat.

To use a clothe tape and a scale.

The waist line measurement and the scale give you a lot better feedback.

If the scale stays the same and the waist measurement goes down, then you are losing fat and gaining muscle.

If the scale stays the same and the waist measurement goes up then you are gaining fat.


One site skin fold caliper kit. They are very easy to use and very affordable. Just google search for them. The feedback is much more precise than the other methods above.

The three #'s that are important to monitor are;

1. Overall bodyfat %
2. Fat weight
3. Lean Body Mass

These kit are very easy to use and within one minute you will know if you are losing, gaining, or maintaining muscle and fat.

Using one or all three of these techniques you will be able to find out what works and what does not work at gaining muscle and losing fat.

If you have been following me for any length of time you know that I believe that one of the most important factors in transforming your body and life is “muscle confusion”. Simply put; you can't do the same exercises the same way all the time. You must give your muscles something new and different.

Tune in here each week to get a new “Unique Exercise of The Month” that will shock your body to lose fat and gain muscle.

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Written by bodyfat52


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