BMI – Calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Weight Loss Tip:Vitamin E is often overlooked in the realm of skin care. It is a rich oil that can be taken internally or applied externally to the face and body. In a pinch, the pills can be broken open and used on the face or body. It is a fantastic facial mask and works well as a deep moisturizer. – fasting for weight loss. Brad Pilon answers a question on BMI (Body Mass Index) and how to calculate your BMI using the Body Mass Index Equation.

Brad talks about why your waist to height ratio is better than your BMI as an easy way to determine when and if you need to lose weight.

A healthy BMI still may not be a good indicator of body fat.

Brad Pilon is the author of Eat Stop Eat, an easy and effective weight loss program based on the combination of flexible intermittent fasting and resistance training.

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  2. Brad does a good job of explaining what BMI is. Unfortunately it’s not a
    great parameter, especially for very muscular fit guys. Paying attention to
    percent body fat is probably more useful. And of course at
    FatBlastingworkouts exercise is an important part of the equation

  3. hey guys! I I was just wondering if this is an accurate measurement when it
    comes to muscles? thanks!

  4. BMI is garbage, not necessarily because it doesn’t take into account
    muscular athletes but because the ranges are so WIDE. im 6’0 tall and
    according the BMI parameters I can be between 137lbs and 180lbs to still be
    at a “normal weight”. How are you going to give someone over 40 pounds of
    leeway? That difference is enormous! 

  5. the BMI chart would consider you at “normal weight” but modern society
    would consider you underweight 

  6. Yeah the BMI is a very obsolete formula, devised 180 years ago in post
    Napoleonic Europe, when most of the populace was probably malnourished by
    modern standards. The BMI says an ideal weight for 6 feet is 136.4lbs –
    184.3 lbs!!!… or 160 POUNDS being Ideal.

    Who’s 160 lbs at 6 foot tall?
    Pierce Brosnan 1994, 6’1 164 lbs
    Harrison Ford 1977, 6’1 165 lbs (I know hard to believe but I checked it)
    Rex Harrison 1949, 6’1 160lbs
    Kevin Costner 1993, 6’1 170 lbs

    None of these men were what I would describe as Robust, nor all that
    muscular! The minute they would have hit the gym, and started heavy
    lifting, you can expect they could have packed on 10 or 20 more lbs or more.


  7. my bmi is 16.2… bmi is BS it says im under weight when im healthy… it
    says a person who is muscular is ” obese” because it only measures weight
    and hight

  8. See, mine would be 16.5…. no. Doing the second calculation I’m a healthy
    weight, body types play a part in this as well.

  9. Are you 100% for sure that the BMI is 100% correct? At 6’1, I used to be
    12% body fat at 181 pounds. According to the measurement of the BMI,
    someone at 6’1 and weighs 160 pounds is around 12% body fat. Someone 6’1 at
    181 pounds would be in the borderline healthy range. Someone at 6’1 at 190
    lbs would be marginally overweight.. So, therefore, basically what is said
    is that I would be at a healthy body fat percentage at 165 pounds?

  10. BMI is bullshit. You should really be finding your body fat percentage. BMI
    doesn’t account for how much of your weight is muscle, fat, or water. It
    only accounts for weight which is inaccurate.

  11. No you’re not even close to being overweight even if you do make it to 180
    lbs. These math equations and charts are a bunch of BULLSHIT. I’m 6’0′.5
    tall (72.5 inches) w/ large frame & weigh 140 lbs. The bmi says that 138 is
    normal but my doctor wants me to weigh 195-224 lbs. How the FUCK is 138
    normal for a person who’s 6ft/6ft+. This is FUCKING BULLSHIT here even the
    waist chart w/ the self animation it doesn’t mean much because not
    everyone’s shoulders are the same. 

  12. I’m 13 and 8 months. Almost 5’0. My BMI is 15.6.. Is this dangerously
    underweight (everyone says I’m bony). How much weight should I gain?

  13. Now this is bullshit. I’m 5’7 214 pounds but says in obese. It’s mostly all
    muscle. Muscle isn’t fat

  14. Did you actually measure your waist because I am skinny…too skinny…and
    wear a size 31 jeans but my waist measurement is actually more than that
    when using a tape measure. Its closer to 34.

  15. 14 years old 5″8, 128 pounds, my bodyfat percent is 11.50 (even though that
    probably doesnt matter) but anyways am i healthy?

  16. U did the math prior to doing the video Bruh… Why you acting like you
    just did all the math in ur head … Ha

  17. I think it’s actually done by dividing your weight by your height^2, then
    multiplying the quotient by 703

  18. i was doing alright at the start where i got a bmi of 23.7 then i checked
    the curcumfrence of my waist and it was 4 inches more than the half of my
    height…… so close….. just a few more weeks of gym and i will be

  19. well I did this method
    height = feet +inches
    ———– + 0
    (answer) ²
    then 40
    (answer )²
    plzzzz could u explain this method in detail

  20. This is good advice. BMI doesn’t account for variations in bone density and
    muscle mass. The height/waist thing makes much more sense.

  21. im a 17 year old male who is 6’5″ 224 lbs and i have a 37.5 inch waist do i
    need to lose weight…????

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