Bill Maher Talks Monsanto, Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) – HD – NWO

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Political comedian Bill Maher weighed in on Monsanto and GMOs on the June 22 2012 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher – panel included Nick Gillespie, Rachel Maddow, Mort Zuckerman and Mark Ruffalo. Support the GM labeling measure in California this November!

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  1. *Republished study: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a
    Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize* – Gilles-Eric Séralini

    This study proved GMO and glyphosate a.k.a. Roundup dangers;

  2. Way to go Gillespie! NO ONE even attempted to answer his question about the
    definition of GMOs.

    I fucking love GMOs. I live in a third world country, and people here don’t
    get the luxury of bitching about every strand of DNA in their vegetables.
    GMOs are perfectly safe, they are superior to “organic” vegetables in
    freshness, size, and taste, and they feed people in the poorest places on

    Fuck yeah, GMOs!

  3. They really should invite a scientist on the panel when they talk about
    GMOs. Those are all not experts. And if Bill Maher quotes scientists on man
    made climate change, why doesn’t he quote all the scientists who confirm
    that GMOs are just as safe as conventional food? You can’t just pick the
    science to fit your worldview.

  4. the anit-gmo quackery is strong here.

    I bet their dogs aren’t wolves, and they’ve never had an apple the size of
    a grape.

    There’s nothing wrong with gmos.

  5. GMO’s do not have a long enough track record. Do we really not learn from
    history? How many times has the general pop been the testing grounds for
    whatever seems harmless? Tobacco? DDT? Wake the fuck up. GMO’s are not
    acceptable b/c the testing is not fucking complete and THAT’S THE ISSUE.

  6. Bill Maher and the other man with glasses are fucking retards, these are
    the people that put themselves as scientific literates but can not accept
    the facts of the GMO’s, dear Bill in Europa 5% of the food are gmo’s for
    simple political reasons, the European scientific community is unanimous on
    this, GMO’S are healthy and safe.

  7. Love Bill Maher, but he is dead wrong about GMOs. Biotechnology is the
    future. He needs to talk to public scientists.

  8. My main objection to GMO foods is that they produce this wonder seed for
    the farmers to grow disease resistant crops. But make damn sure it’s
    sterile so they have to keep buying from their Company! Sterility isn’t
    just part of the process? It’s deliberately introduced. After all? NOTHING
    must stand in the way of Profits!

  9. Not only are they changing the DNA of the plant, but they are changing it
    to become able to survive being sprayed with poison! Then they spray it
    with poison and sell it to us to eat! Approvals got rammed through in no
    time, and so what if we wind up with genetically mutated kids in 20 or 30
    years…the profits for the next quarter are through the roof!

  10. Talk to the farmers…that’s all you have to do is talk to the farmers.
    They’ll tell you all about how they get treated by the likes of Monsanto.
    You will look at this in a whole diff light. Just look at a few of the
    videos here on YouTube

  11. So let me get this straight: Maher is all anti-GMOs but all pro-Global
    The pseudo-science is strong with this one!

  12. Maher is 100% wrong this issue. GMO’s have repeatedly proven safe by
    credible, peer reviewed papers from scientists across the world.

  13. Mahr is an anti science, anti reason idiot whose mind is nailed shut – he
    is not a skeptic, he is a denialist. I have no idea why he’s an atheist
    as he seems to not value intellectual grounding.

  14. I can’t believe all the stupid comments on this , you brainwashed idiots
    keep eating your gmo and roundup infested food , you can all have a reunion
    at the cancer clinic

  15. Citizens have the right to know if their food is genetically modified,
    Label the food. If not, I will buy only food that is labled ” non GMO
    certified “

  16. You people are missing the point. The issue isn’t strictly whether GMOs are
    safe, but rather the fact that as a consumer you should be able to make a
    decision whether or not you want to eat genetically modified foods. Even if
    GMOs are safe, would it really be that hard for a company to simply put a
    little logo on the packaging? We label almost everything you could possibly
    want labeled on foods, so why not just say whether or not it has GMOs?

  17. Too many people equate being well spoken with being intelligent, if people
    ditched that idea I can guarantee you Rachel Madow wouldn’t have a fraction
    as much success as she’s had.

  18. “The Corporations we work for are a little different than Monsanto.” B.M.
    They probably own Monsanto, Bill.

  19. For anyone who thinks that GMOS are safe, have a glass or two of Roundup
    will ya?

  20. BILL, You support the person signing the Monsanto Protection ACT! USDA,
    FDA, Monsatan and Quality Assurance International paired up with the NON
    GMO fraudject is entirely that! Why don’t you eat your whiny whims & Lead a

  21. Oh, I experienced america’s evil health care on me, personally, when I was
    robbed thousands of dollars and was misdiagnosed by several bastards called
    american doctors in row. I am still under recovering process from american
    damn injury. That place was damn evil for my health, and they treat their
    own americans also in the same way, no, insurance, no cash, costs more than
    government can provide? then die or whatever, your problem

  22. That man in black jacket is a bastard, 100 payed bastard by GMO, types like
    her have to get sick and die, world will be better place then

  23. I agree with Rachel’s point that GMO foods should be labeled because we
    should get to know what’s in our food, not because it’ll steer us away.
    It’s so we as consumers can make more informed decisions. Some people are
    allergic to certain GMO foods (like the corn mentioned in the video). Some
    people simply think organic tastes better. Some believe GMO is the way to
    end world hunger. Along with the GMO label should be what type of GMO. Corn
    with large kernels that are artificially selected (plant the seeds from the
    biggest one each season) might be considered GMOs, but that’s not the same
    as transplanting DNA in a lab, which is the type that tends to be more

  24. Bill Maher will be the first one to point out that he’s all about science,
    yet ignores it when it comes to GMO’s.
    Also GMO FOODS ARE ALREADY LABELED. Just look for the missing “GMO FREE”
    sticker that everyone selling GMO-FREE food is already putting on their
    products. If it’s not there, guess what? It’s GMO. It’s not that tough.

  25. Share of food trangsgenically modified/genetically engineered:
    US: 70%
    EU: 5%

    Health Care Cost per capita
    US: ~8000$
    EU: ~3700$

    Obesity Rate
    US: 30%
    EU: 16%

    Europeans don’t like to be the lab rats for long term studies. That is why
    we have the precautionary principle. If you want allowance to sell
    something, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your product is not
    harmful. If you can’t, fuck off and keep your shit. For some reason
    companies haven’t been able to provide sufficient evidence to be allowed to
    sell their GMOs here. And the public is fairly strong in their oppostion to
    GMOs too. As long as our politicians don’t sell us out via TTIP, we will
    keep our precautionary system. It has served us well. We might not get to
    sue someone for millions for getting poisoned, but hey, we’re not getting
    poisoned as much after all.

  26. I love how it cuts out right after the celebrity guest yells out “I’M

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