At Home Fat Burning Workout + Full Day Of Healthy Eating

Weight Loss Tip:If you are tired of your weight-loss plan, maybe it is just because you are tired. Recent evidence shows that not getting enough rest on a regular basis could lead to weight gain. Getting a 20-30 minute nap during the day may be what you need. Maybe your brain is conveying that you are actually tired when you think you are hungry.

Welcome back to my channel everyone!
I'm excited to share that this is the last of my ‘intuitive eating, chilled out summer vid' haha. I had an amazing summer eating a bunch of delicious food but I'm so excited and motivated to get back on the daily grind and reach my health and fitness goals. Stay tuned for way more videos where I show you my new fitness routine and diet!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Oh hi….all the way from the UK….you are by far one of my favourite YouTubers, so inspiring so thank you x

  2. Very nice workout and we’ll let you use the microwave this time, but one time only. 🙂
    P.S. Don’t ruin your good diet with burned animal proteins like the chicken kebabs. They are carcinogenic. Cooking method is important.

  3. What is the point in drinking almond milk? I understand it can be a milk replacement if you don’t fancy animal derived products or if you don’t produce lactase. I just don’t get why’d somebody pay 2-3 times more about a substance that has basically the same nutritional value as milk :/

  4. Love this!!! I’ve been training for almost a year and struggled to find a diet and workout plan that worked best for me so my weight fluctuated a lot. This is really helpful!

  5. Thats not much food at all! Love your videos but be carefull with saying you eat a lot while you dont! 🙂 actually My only thought was “she eat so little” while I was watching, so What you Said in the end scared me a bit! Take care <3

  6. Hi , I have a question my doctor put me on a low fat and no dairy , I feel like I’m starving do you know what some foods are low fat with no dairy in it

  7. Just found your channel, it’s bank holiday I suppoused to be productive but I’m waching all of your videos for like 2 hours now. #procrastinator

  8. hello sarah can i use yoghurt made from cows milk. thats what i can get here in nigeria. any tips

  9. does working out in the morning (fasted) actually help to lose weight? ive heard that it doesnt really do much?

  10. What about using a tahini dressing for your salads? Great healthy fat and sesame is high in calcium too 🙂

  11. what part of australia is that beach in? what month do you start going to the beach?

  12. it seems like the reason why you feel so hungry after every meal is because you are not eating enough carbs. The meals are healthy, but you are missing many carbs. I think you are in great shape, but I just pointed out what I observed from this video alone.

  13. So I have been amazed at how much knowledge you know. can you recommend any books for us who inspire a holistic healthy and balanced lifestyle? thanks!

  14. i was actually turned onto xylitol before i heard of stevia because of jamie eason from….. its good for your teeth and I like to use it instead of fluoride for my toothpaste. but i kind of just switch back and forth. i don’t use enough to feel a certain way about each one.

  15. You can eat young lady. But, I see if you eat right and workout, you can get those abs. You also are giving me a lot of helpful ideas, thank you!

  16. team watching this in 2017 lol, when sezzy no longer has dairy products or whey powder…

  17. I am sorry I don’t speak English
    Can someone tell me what does ruflly 200ml of milk means
    Does it mean at least 200 or at most 200

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