Advanced fat burning HIIT cardio workout – 30 mins.

Body Fat Tip:
Try to order restaurant meals as basic as possible. Once you start adding many extras, you are also adding calories that you really do not need. For example, a burger with lettuce and tomato is not so bad, but once you add mayonnaise, bacon, and cheese it raises the fat content. This will definitely inhibit your weight loss goals.To lose excess weight, you should exercise four to six days per week. While aerobic exercise, such as walking, increases metabolism, resistance exercise, such as lifting weights, increases muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. So, a mix of the two will maximize your weight loss efforts.

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In this advanced cardio interval workout, we take you through a number of 60 second exercise intervals with 30 second rest periods.

This Body Project cardio exercise routine is designed to maximise calories burnt and optimise fat burning.

The workout includes a number of bodyweight exercises that work the legs, abs, glutes and upper body.

This is a great way to workout from home with no equipment needed.

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  1. I'm no stranger to working out but I'm fifty-four and like to challenge myself.
    Boy, did this try me! I had to take more breaks than I anticipated but I shall keep pressing on until I master it.

  2. Really good close-up shots. It helps so much to have the camera zoom in. Artistic too.

  3. I'm not going to watch your video–even though it has a lot to teach–because the camera work is so stupid and manipulative. Why don't you just show the three athletes, and stop trying to be cute with the camera?

  4. Don't know how they do it, after these workouts, I end up sweaty, red and gross and they all look so perfect xD Thank you so much guys ♥

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Lose Weight in 2 Weeks | My Favorite Full Body Workout Routine, No Jumping!