Ab Workout Mistake (BLOATED ABS!!)

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Are you doing ab workouts but find that you still can’t get rid of the fat? Well, that’s because you’ll never be able to get rid of belly fat by doing ab workouts alone. Anyone that will tell you that is likely selling you a “shortcut” and isn’t qualified to be giving you workout advice (even if it is free)

In this video, I show you how to stop that bloated abs look by learning how to breathe properly during your ab workouts. While you should exhale on the exertion of any ab exercise, you don’t want to blow out (meaning, allowing your belly to protrude or extend during the exhale). Instead, you want to be sure that you cinch your belly down as you exhale. This will feel a bit awkward if you are not used to it but you will learn how to engage your transverse abdominus and get better a flatter stomach as a result.

This becomes more difficult depending on the difficulty of the ab exercise in question. For instance, on a basic crunch (as shown in the video) you will find that you will have much better control of your abs and will be able to learn this skill a little faster. Once you have it, transfer it to harder and harder ab exercises and see if you can still maintain that correct breathing.

But that’s only half of the equation. Others will tell you that if you want to avoid a thick waist or blocky abs you should not train your obliques. They will say that thickened oblique muscles will give you a blockier torso and not allow you to have a trim waistline. That is bad advice. If you want to have a tapered looking set of abs you will have to train your obliques. The orientation of the muscles is such that it will give you the visual tapering effect that you want to frame in your six pack abs.

That said, all of this is nullified by an inattention to your diet and nutrition plan. If you insist on eating bad foods and don’t pay attention to what you eat then you will never have low enough body fat to help you see your abs. This applies to your obliques as well. In order to see ripped abs, it starts and ends with your nutrition.

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  1. my man u have to do another video……most of us have no clue what ur saying…..breathe in ,breathe out, fart in fart out ?? i have no idea what u r taking about plz do another video

  2. How is this confusing? Just pretty much hold in your stomach and contract it while doing your workout.

  3. this means that I’m breathing is a wrong way!!!! I’m working out my muscles through out your program however it is my breathing issue that is causing me bloating!!  I don’t have a lot of fats I mean I’m 58 kg for 1.80m ( I don’t do  pounds either inches lmao I’m south African we count using Kg and miters), tell me what am I supposed to do please it’s my 2nd week I need those abs really!

  4. just hold your breath as long as you can,when you need to breath stop take some deep breaths and then start again

  5. Hey Jeff I have a questions for you, is a good idea do 300 push up for 30 days in a role whitout take a rest, that isn’t negative for our body? I mean, I have like 5 month whitout do any body exercises.

  6. I’ve been breathing through my balls all of this time. I’m going to try the recommendation in this video now.

  7. I was always wondering why my ab work out’s weren’t doing shit even with a cleaner diet. Thanks alot man!

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