9 Wonderful Water Workouts: Lose Fat, Get Fit! (Episode 55)

Weight Loss Tip:Focus on food labels. Always look at the fat and sugar content of foods when shopping. Check the ingredients list, as they are listed in order of weight. Certain nutritional food claims can be misleading. 'Light' or 'reduced fat' may be just that, but it can still be very high in calories, due to the sugar content.

( If you haven't tried water workouts lately, your body doesn't know what it's missing. If you sweat during these water workouts, no one will know but you.

In this Mind Your Body TV video with Lynda Huey, M.S., I learn just how tough water workouts can be. I kid Huey that “I'm a doubter,” but by the end of this aquatic session, we've jumped through nine very different moves that left me gasping for air—and I'm fit.

Why water workouts:

Exercising in water does a few things that exercising on land can't do. Water workouts let you “turn it up” in an environment that has the following properties:

*Buoyancy: You feel lighter, yet water gives you support.
*Resistance: You use muscles you might not engage on land, and you improve balance and strength.
*Hydrostatic pressure: The water around you “envelopes you” and may aid blood circulation.
*Temperature: If water is heated, that helps blood circulation, too, and it also helps you relax.

Water workouts prevent injuries:

If you can't jog anymore because of injuries to knees or hips, water takes care of that so you don't pound on hard ground. It actually helps protect your spine and your joints if done correctly. Water workouts can help you burn calories, lose weight and tone your entire body and they're bound to make you smile—especially if you're doing them with a group of friends.

Don't know if you saw Lynda Huey's first video with Mind Your Body TV, but it's a good introduction to water workouts and aquatic therapy—the latter is a good option for you if you're injured and have been given a prescription for physical therapy. The American Physical Therapy Association even has a special “section” for PTs who choose to practice aquatic therapy. Remember that water workouts and aquatic exercise are not aquatic therapy.

Find water workouts:

After watching this video about water workouts, bet you'll have a great time the next time you're at a friend's pool. Or ask your local YMCA/YWCA or health and fitness club (that has a pool) what classes might work for you. Water workouts have come a long way from dog-paddling.

Want to get wet? You bet! You'll get fitter in a splash!

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Hey Patti! Thanks for your note. I thought Lynda did such a great job here, and when I did her workout, I was really burning the calories. Enjoy! Steph

  2. She really made me work out, Deshawn, and I am pretty fit. I was puffing, and my joints didn’t suffer at all–that’s the great part about water exercise. Hopefully, you can do these on your own at a pool–or join a class at the Y or other club that has a pool. Lynda has worked out Olympic athletes and celebrities who didn’t believe how much they’d sweat. Keep us posted? Steph

  3. I love water aerobics. Have been doing this for over 10 years. I have shin splints and can still go hard.

  4. Working out in the pool is perfect for those with joint problems or who are coming back from an injury. Thanks for sharing these exercises with us!

  5. I weigh 180 pounds, and I am able to exercise in the water. I do not feel my weight or any pain. Have you tried deep water aquacise? You only need to support yourself with your tummy. It is worth a try!

  6. Have you lost weight with water aerobics? I am trying to lose 70 pounds with aquacise, but I do not go consistently. How long will it take to lose the weight, and how often should I go? I am overweight because of my medication.

  7. Aquacise is also good for those who are overweight and for those with back pain. I injured my lower back for 6 months after returning to ballet. After 2 months of aquafit, my back pain was gone!

  8. Thank you Jennifer. I have tried it. I did Zumba and I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was possible to do this in water and my joints didn’t ache as much.

  9. I had a patella scare last week! Thankfully nothing is wrong, but I want to cut back on high impact workouts and cardio in the pool. This is perfect!

  10. Water workouts are an amazing for somebody who is coming back from an injury. Thanks a lot for sharing these with us!

    We have an excellent weight loss solution that you can use from your living room – give us a visit at The AbStand!

  11. Hi Linda, I am having a third surgery on my feet, will be not-weight-bearing and in a cast till April 1, then out to rehab and exercise, until the fourth surgery on my other foot probably about 6-9 months, want to get back in shape, been in the cycle for almost two years now gained about 35 lbs. I am feeling defeated,  What can I do nutritionally, physically, and emotionally to get well.  Water will be my savior…Thanks

  12. i don’t know how to swim, but this looks pretty interesting and something i’d like to try

  13. I grew up on a freshwater lake and was a lifelong snob about pools. Then I got older and needed easy exercise. From one hesitant aquafit class a month I have become a 1 to 2 class a day addict and never do less than 2 hours in the pool 5 days a week. These vids are a great way to learn new moves.

    The other day, going to the pool, I felt a cool breeze and realized my pants were down around my ankles. Weight loss is great but so is the general feeling of well being and better fitness benefits.

    I am so lazy ~ just toss on my housecoat over my bathing suit .. then my coat. Go to the pool, rinse off after, toss on my housecoat and come home. KISS principal… if I want to be consistent.

    I recommend water exercise to anyone and everyone. There is a level for everyone to start.

  14. What kind of aqua shoes were you all wearing? I wear ryka aqua fit to class 3x a week. I’d like to get a different pair.

  15. This all is not true. All that jumping makes the knees hurt so bad. These are great exercises, but I would like to warn all those with joint issues, not to do all that jumping, and keep your exercises under the water.

  16. Love this! Also do dry land( cycling, elliptical, zumba, etc.). Love swimming and aqua running, aqua zumba.

  17. This is a great workout and even my arthritic knees feel better. I do laps in between exercises and I’m working towards three sets doing each exercise 30 times. I can spend a couple of hours in the pool, love the water.  It’s accelerated my weight loss and I feel energized afterwards. Thank you for posting.

  18. Great video Stephanie! I’m in my 40’s and have been learning a lot from our Boomers clients as my loved ones. This is very helpful…love!

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