8 Minutes Morning Workout – Lose 2lbs Per Week

Weight Loss Tip:One of the most important ways to be fit is to stay hydrated. You should drink around 2 liters or 8 glasses of water that are 8 ounces full. Being hydrated keeps your energy high, and prevents you from pigging out at the first sign of hunger. It also removes impurities from your body.

Is there a quick way to lose weight? According to the creator of this “8 Minutes Morning Workout”, Jorge Cruise, all you'll need is to get up 8 minutes earlier every morning, do these simple moves, and lose an average of 2lbs per week, with the right meal plan in place.

This workout is based on strength training. The more lean muscles we build in our body, the more fat your body will be burning at rest. Every 1lb of lean muscle helps to burn an additional of 30cals at rest.

There are 2 simple exercises a day. Complete 12 repetitions from exercise A and immediately another 12 repetitions from exercise B. Repeat the entire cycle 3 more times without resting (4 cycles in total) and you are done!

If you find yourself able to do more than 12reps, you will need to increase the weight, if you are not able to do 12 reps, then decrease the weight.

This 8 Minutes Morning Workout is SOLELY for weight loss and does not help to promote fitness gain especially in terms of cardio. I would encourage you to do your regular cardio + strength workout at least 3 times weekly, together with this.

You can combine this 8 Minutes Morning Workout with my total body videos, either:
1) Burn up to 300Cals
2) Cardio & Core Intervals
3) Beginner Fat Burning Workout
4) 4 Minutes Fat Blaster (x3)

This video is also perfect for the holiday season especially when you are on vacation and would like to maintain your weight with short and quick workouts. Do this workout in the morning, get it out of the way, kickstart your body to burn fat, no excuses! =)

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  1. monday 1:43
    tuesday 2:45
    wednesday 3:30
    thursday 4:25
    friday 5:17
    saturday 6:18

  2. Hello! Does it matter what size weights to use? Obviously, I wouldn’t want
    to tire too quickly but would 1.5 lb. weights be okay?

  3. Hi again. I see that you use 3-4 kg. weights. That’s a lot! I think I’ll
    start small and then increase the weights. Thanks for your video!

  4. when u cant afford an alarm clock or phone to wake you up and your schedule
    is already horrible

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  7. hi Joanna…I have started doing ur low impact beginner’s exercise
    routine…can I combine it with this 8 min workout…because I need to
    loose weight as well along with overall fitness…n can I reduce the
    dumbell weight initially because 4 – 6 kgs weight would be difficult for
    me….pls reply…I have asked so many questions but u replied none of

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