7 Surprising Ways to Speed Up Fat Burning (AND LOSE WEIGHT FASTER)

Body Fat Tip
White bread is good, but high fiber multigrain breads are much better. These breads are another way to add more fiber to your diet and they also have a good protein level. Pork does not assist in weight loss in any way. The less pork you eat, the better off you will be when trying to lose weight. Pork has a high fat content and includes food items such as bacon, ham and sausage.

In This Video:
I’m going to share surprising ways to speed up fat burning and stay in fat-burning mode.
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Vitamin D3 for Sleep:

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Melatonin, the most important antioxidant:

0:00 Introduction: Speed up fat burning
1:40 How to tell if you’re burning fat
4:40 Things that affect fat burning
7:20 How to burn fat fast
18:45 Check out my video on melatonin!

In this video, I want to give you all of the knowledge you need to lose weight, get into fat burning, and stay in fat burning.

Most people are running on stored sugar—they’re not tapping into fat. It takes between one to three months to become fully fat adapted. But, these tips can help speed up this process.

How to know if you’re fat-adapted:
1. You can go longer between meals without hunger
2. You no longer crave carbs
3. You’re energy is stable, and you have more energy
4. Your mental activity is enhanced, and your mood is elevated
5. You have increased endurance during exercise
6. You’re sleeping better

Different variables affect your ability to burn fat. But, you have the ability to affect every one of these variables.

The more you control these factors, the more you can control your ability to burn fat, your metabolism, your quality of life, and your level of health.

How to speed up fat burning:
1. Exercise
• Do HIIT only once or twice per week with plenty of recovery.

2. Take apple cider vinegar before bed
• Mix 4-6 oz. of water with 1 tbsp. ACV and drink this about an hour before bed.

3. Improve your sleep
• Take vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 and B1 or nutritional yeast before bed, try a breathing technique (from my video), take a nap.

4. Lower your stress
• Take a long walk in nature, take nutritional yeast, expose yourself to infrared light, do physical work.

5. Stay consistent with lowering your carbs
• Don’t cheat on your diet, and check your A1C.

6. Do intermittent fasting
• In the beginning, consume more fat at the end of your meal to fast longer. Once you’re fat-adapted, reduce your fat. When you’ve hit your goal add more fat to maintain your weight. Don’t go below 75g of fat per day.

7. Consume nutrient-dense foods
• Do Healthy Keto with quality nutrient-dense foods.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to speed up fat burning.

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  1. Beginning this process (in wk1) need to be sure to add those nutrient dense foods, be consistent with right type of veggie carbs & aware of sneaky carbs (read labels), and reduce expectations for frequency of workouts. I don't need 5 days per wk. I also enjoy being outdoors and enjoying a non-brick & mortar environment. Thanks so much for videos and integrity.

  2. Hey dude, I'm a disabled veteran. Just turned 61 fairly recently. Worked out most my life since the military. Was a personal trainer exercises instructor . I do approximately 160 push-ups before 5:00 a.m. I wake up every morning at 2:30. Bad nightmares. But the odd thing is I stay awake for a couple hours watch YouTuber Pluto or whatever. And take a nap again for another two two and a half hours I feel better than I ever did sleeping the whole night. Every morning I tablespoon of olive oil real tablespoon of lemon juice tablespoon of honey. Had been using apple cider vinegar mothers but been getting a burning like sensation in my stomach like almost not burning but like a heartburn almost. So I discontinued using it to see if it was it and that is it I do youngevity 70 plant-based minerals. Plus a nutrition drink every single morning after I wake up because the honey lemon juice olive oil vinegar have to be on an empty stomach and drink nothing for a half hour. And I am like feeling awesome from doing that I've worked out anyways but family remarks last year and I've gotten a few people to work out and much younger. I will do that for the rest of my life

  3. So how can I do the apple cider vinegar so it doesn't mess my stomach up cuz that's the only thing that did it I have not had it again it's been over a month easily and I used it for years now and it hasn't happened again since I quit using it

  4. Actually my question was initially. What about push-ups every single morning I do them I pretty much done them since 1981 not as many as I do now but. I do approximately 5,000 a month in that area. And I don't feel depleted I feel great I do my sit-ups crunches anyways military crunches and a couple other around the world and curls on occasion that's it and it's three times a week otherwise but push-ups every single day

  5. Whenever I go to Medellin I stay for a month and I eat a lot more than I do in the US and I always lose around 10LBS without even trying.



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