7-Minute Workout

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Based on the article published in American College of Sports Medicine. It features 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a wall and a chair.


Written by bodyfat52


  1. Sorry guys but this is not a proper workout. I am not fit at all but for the past four months I have been doing something called Cardio Tone and that is a proper way to lose weight/tone whatever you are looking for. Yes we had breaks but not every 7 seconds; the workout was 45 minutes and we only had about one break about three quarters through it and that is how I lost two stones.

  2. We upload workouts derived from Special Operations. If you’re up for the challenge, check us out.

  3. Actually decent workout for morning, needs some better music though. try and get 30 reps each in and u will feel it.

  4. This high-Intensity circuit training workout mistakenly collapses the last two side-plank modules into a single module. Also, the workout is more effective when the rest period is 10 seconds. This video shows 15 seconds. The entire workout can also be done 2-3 times which adds a strong cardio elements. Other videos that show alternative (half intensity) versions of the push-up and plank modules. Happy training!

  5. i am doing this cuz i feel fat, this is my first time working out after 6 months. WELL I CANT RESIST THOSE CHIPS SWEETS AND CARBS OK. fuck it, im eating more

  6. for pushups and triceps dip, i recommend using your knuckles. only use flathand on pushup & rotation. reason: wrist is prone to injury.

  7. I just did this… What the hell?!! Didn’t expect it to be that psychotic. Now I’m seeing greens!

  8. Every comment:

    Haha, Guys I’m really out of shape, LOL!!!! I didn’t even exercise!!!! It was all like “do push ups” and I was like “BUT I HATE PUSH UPS LOLLLLLLLLLLLL.”

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