7% Body Fat Diet | Full Day Of Eating | 6 Meals and ZERO Supplements

Weight Loss Tip:When you having a hard time trying to find the motivation to get off the coach and begin exercising, you need to remember that exercise is an investment that will pay off for you and your family in the long run. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

Today I will show you a diet that I follow to keep my body fat at around 7-8% all year round without using any supplements! The secret to get an amazing physique is “macronutrient” control. I always calculate my food and I know exactly what I am eating at the correct time of the day. Keep in mind guys that everybody is different and requires a different diet and training program in able to get some real results. If you follow my diet you will probably get fat! This is a 3500 calories diet that helps me to maintain my weight and maybe gain 0.5kg – 1kg of muscle per Year! YES! PER YEAR! That is because I am doing everything naturally and I almost reached my maximum genetic potential. At least I still keep gaining 0.5kg per year which I am very happy with it. I highly suggest to anyone to find out what foods and what macros your body needs! I will tell you in a bit how to do it. This is the only way to achieve your fitness goals either for muscle building or fat loss. If you want help with a customised diet plan, customised training program and 24/7 chat support with me, I recommend you to visit my website and sign up for my online personal training service right here

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. How do you eat so many calories at that bodyfat? Do you do cardio or are
    very active? I am 5’10 156lbs and eat 2850 per day to keep my 10% bodyfat

  2. a bit odd to lose body fat by 6 meals a day and the food … now I hope
    you’re right Xenios

  3. Today I stocked with food and I have to try your diet, if you go get a
    picture on facebook and you advertise :))

  4. Tomorrow starts March 18 and hold until May 18 to see what differences
    occur if the job goes I agree to do my pictures and you advertise

  5. If i hold this for 9 months and workout 5 days 2 days rest, can i atleast
    get a good body!

  6. μπραβο φιλε μ, σε παω πολυ κ σ επαρακολουθω!! keep walking ;)

  7. Im a high school student i think its impossible to reach 6-7% body fat
    because i dont have the time and money to do all this please help :(

  8. You said that supplements are not important to get a good physique. But in
    of your latest videos (Day after a Cheat Meal) you have Ultra Whey Protein.
    Why is that?

  9. Just a quck shout out to you. Great Channel and amazing content with
    valuable information. Thank you so much for sharing your tips on youtube
    are helping me a great deal. Thank you, man :).

  10. liked the video , can you do a video for cutting , and i struggling to
    reduce my back fat , what are the possible reasons , how muany cups of
    black coffee can i take in a day

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