6 Pack Diet Plan Disaster (CALORIE CUTTING!)

Weight Loss Tip:Consider replacing your morning cup of juice with a glass of fat free milk. Studies have shown that people who start their day with a glass of skim milk tend to eat less throughout the day. If you must have juice in the morning, try diluting it with water.

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The biggest mistake one can make when trying to diet for a 6 pack is creating their caloric deficit through reduced food intake alone. You simply cannot look at your nutrition that simply. Food provides so much more than just calories and energy. The right types of food can trigger a hormonal cascade that can not only tip the scales of protein synthesis but can set the stage for whether you can continue to stick to your hypo caloric diet long term.

Eating for a six pack is one of the most overcomplicated things that lifters will do. They attempt to cut fast by eating far fewer calories than they normally take in. All this does is cause reflexive hunger and cravings that wind up catching up to you sooner or later and preventing you from sticking to your weight loss plan long term. The proper way to achieve a state of hypo caloric deficit is to focus more on creating the deficit through training and not diet.

If you are eating a clean diet and just can’t seem to lose those last levels of body fat, you likely are suffering from this phenomenon first hand. The key is to actually increase the calories that you are eating and aim towards creating more of a calorie burn through training instead. The burst training workouts that ATHLEAN-X is known for are a great way to start doing that and they won’t take you very long to do this.

In just 20 minutes or less, you can start burning hundreds of calories while allowing you to resume eating more calories and still lose body fat. The increased food intake will carry along with it, important micronutrients and macronutrients that are necessary for stimulating muscle growth. Over time, the more muscle that you accumulate the more metabolically active tissue you have which itself will require a higher set point of daily caloric intake.

This is why athletes can eat much more throughout the day and still be ripped. The amount of calories they burn training or playing allows them to increase their food intake which helps them to provide their muscles with the nutrition and quality foods needed to support muscle growth. If you keep making the abs diet mistake of cutting calories alone, you will find that your metabolism will slow and your fat burning efforts will come to a halt.

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  1. Simply from partaking in this diet program my results have been spectacular. I like to recommend this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to everybody to try it. The results often come so fast. Furthermore , i know another person who dropped 15.6 pounds.

  2. There is a lot of studies on that matter . Low caloric intake, pure and simple, will make your metabolic rate go down. Low caloric intake with an hyperprotein diet has a smaller impact. Low caloric intake, high protein intake( 2 to 2.5 g/kg/day) plus resistance , weight training = weight loss without muscle and metabolic loss. Dr. Jose Antonio has tons of articles on that..

  3. #Athlean_x,
    Let me know if I understand correctly… Suppose I burn 2000 calories per day ( including a 2:30 hour workout e.g. crossfit ) then what you are saying is that If I want to be at a 500 calories deficit, I should eat 1900 calories during the day and stay in the gym more than the 2:30 hour to burn an extra 400 calories? (Don’t mind the numbers I use them just here to draw the picture)

  4. I have to say that this calorie in calorie out philosophy complete nonsense way too simplistic. The human animal is warm blooded and homeostatic it will try to stay where it is you eat less it will slow down nothing short of starvation will allow you to lose weight and keep losing it. This is a complex game each of us has different situation based on our genetic underpinnings some people will never be in good shape other will called genetic variation the only way to change that is to use HGH testosterone etc. The reason the diet industry makes the money it does is cause almost nothing works, just sell the dream by showing your buff body then sell some idea or product. Just saying

  5. I was 220 2 months ago. Through massive calorie restriction, cardio, and weight lifting I am now 189. After the first 20 pounds I hit a wall hard. What I did to get past it was cheating on my diet. I ate an entire half of a pizza. This jump started my metabolism and I was able to start losing again the very next day. Same thing happened after losing the next 10 pounds. Hit a wall hard. Same thing… ate half a pizza and I’m back to losing again.

  6. It’s hard as fuck either way dude I’m sorry I been walking like 5-6 miles a day and I just wanna eat more I love food so much I can’t stop eating I’m so fucked

  7. I’ve platued for a 8 months now. I’m eating 2,000- 2,200 calories a day. Weightlifting 5 times a week and HIIT cardio for 30 mins 4 times a week. My bmr is 1870 and all I hear is not to eat or under my bmr. So what now -__- ?

  8. Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Taparton Fat Relief Takeover (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for losing weight with a secret smoothie diet without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got amazing results with it.

  9. Hey Jeff, hope this gets through to you. I’ve just finished AX-1 and the results were great. I’m moving on to max size next looking to put on some muscle now. Can you do a video that will convince me that I can maintain my new physique without tracking calories? I assume you don’t track because you’ve been experimenting for a long time? Or is there a specific plan you follow to burn the relevant amount of calories? I’m only asking because everyone’s needs are different and their ideas of a big or small meal is different even if you implement your ‘plate division’ technique.

  10. By the numbers im 5’8 -225 goal is 195. This vid 0:55 cant be right jc. I do 100pct respect your opinions and vids. But if i eat 2000 cal perday i feel like a bloated pig and never lose weight. Just tell me how i can burn 500 cal in less than 1hr. With 2 to 3 exercises other than csrdio. Already bike for 30mins and lift for 30 but dont know amount lifting burns ALSO if i eat over 100 carbs a day i feel bloated as well. Thanks for everything.

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  12. Ok this is one way to look at it. But for the best results I do both. Take 500cal off my daily intake and work off 500cal with weight training and walking on the treadmill because I hate running. Nothing more to it. No secrets. Only spend about a hour in the gym.

  13. You know cause that brick wall is so fast already it insane you don’t want ur brick walls moving any faster than this.

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