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Body Fat Tip:
You do not need to purchase expensive equipment or gym memberships to get the exercise you need to lose weight. Purchasing an inexpensive pedometer can help you shed those extra pounds and inches at an increased rate. By walking 10,000 strides a day and eating smaller portions, you will quickly see positive results. When trying to lose weight, it is great to self-talk. Don't be ashamed to give yourself words of encouragment. If it is going to help you, give it a shot. Self-talk can provide you with the motivation to complete your exercises. If you don't feel comfortable talking to yourself out loud, saying words of encouragment in your mind will work also.

In This Video:
Learn 6 natural weight loss tips that helped me lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Weight loss can be a mental and emotional practice as well as a physical one! 6-Week Mind + Body Weightloss Course ➡️

In this video, I am sharing some of the tips that helped me mentally, on my weight loss journey.

The Don't Diet is a 6-week step-by-step mind + body weight loss course for women and men who want to stop beating themselves up and are ready to love their bodies, enjoy their food and lose weight in a kind, sustainable way. ➡️

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Tip #1 – Recognize that weight loss is only for losing weight
2:02 Tip #2 – There is no wagon to fall off of
3:34 Tip #3 – Think of foods you can include
4:31 Tip #4 – The crowed out technique
5:52 Tip #5 – Focus on commitments instead of results
7:55 Tip #6 – Be reflective not rejective
9:45 Outro

How To Lose Weight W/O Dieting:
4-Types of Eating:
Physical vs. Emotional Hunger:
Detox 360:
Finding the Right Diet for You:
5 Tips for Curbing Sugar Cravings:

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  1. If my wife puts on weight she is definitely a little more miserable. If she loses weight she is definitely happier, but it doesn't solve other life problems, I guess is the sentiment…

  2. This video was really helpful. I was anorexic in college, I got better, and now I’ve gained weight to the point where I’m physically uncomfortable in my body. I’m scared to try to loose weight again, all your words were very grounding. Thank you!

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