5 Worst Foods For Weight Loss (NEVER EAT THESE!!)

Weight Loss Tip:Eat meals slowly, chewing thoroughly and enjoying each bite. It takes a while for your body to start feeling full, so if you eat too quickly, you will consume more than you need before you realize your stomach is full. Also, if you're eating healthy, good-tasting meals, you'll enjoy your food more by savoring it, which may prevent you from feeling deprived by your diet.

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These 5 worst foods for weight loss is a list of what not to eat if you’re trying to lose bodyfat. We’re not saying never eat this, but you will want to really watch your quantities of these items if you’re trying to learn how to lose fat. There is no one worst food for weight loss, but there are several categories of fattening foods and things that are just plain not helpful when it comes to weight loss.

Here are some of our best tips and techniques when it comes to nutrition for fat loss. Keep in mind, we’re not saying ‘don’t eat this ever’, we’re saying that it’s best to control your portions of these because they really are the worst foods for fat loss. One of our best nutrition tips for weight loss is to try to include lots of healthy protein and vegetables in your diet. Those foods will help you to feel full and satiated so that you aren’t as tempted by the items in this list of foods not to eat. If you are looking for lists of the best foods for weight loss, you should check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Below is the list of what not to eat if you’re trying to lose body fat. The most important piece to losing body fat is understanding nutrition for fat loss, because you can’t exercise enough to make up for a bad diet. So keep in mind these nutrition tips for weight loss as you choose what to put in your body to fuel those tough workouts.

Here are the 5 worst foods for weight loss:

1) Combination Foods (fat and carbs together)
2) Alcohol
3) Large Bags (without serving size control)
4) “Fat Free” Foods
5) Soda Pop, Juice and Sugary Drinks

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  1. Hi athlene iam so impressed to u coz i like u a lot n i really worked to loose my weight n its just bcoz i followed u,thnks,pl can u give me som more tips for us.

  2. 1. Chips and Candy bars- Combination of fat and carbs
    2. Alcohol- Increases blood sugar level
    3. Big bags- Of anything.
    4. Anything that is fat free- Fat free ice cream, fat free cookies
    5. Drinks that have sugar in them

  3. I don’t eat fast food , like rarely but I went plant based for a year and I gained weight, my diet was all vegetables and fruits and grains. Not shitty processed food . I came back to eating chicken and fish and shrimps , milk and cheese beside the fruit and vegetables and I lost 9 kg in 3 months ( with the same exercise routine ), my energy level got better , I sleep better and I even look healthier, my skin got that little healthy pinky shade instead of that anemic yellowish skin color, never going back to “vegan” or “plant based ” or whatever you call it

  4. If I have a cookie craving I get ONE large cookie from the bakery instead of buying a bag in the cookie isle..

  5. Finally someone is saying that fat-free products are not always the best… same with sugar free Cola…then the’re even more chemicals in it to make it fizzi and so on…

  6. you don’t necessarily need to cut surger and food all together, just eat heathy. you would be surprised how much you can eat and yet still loss wight.

  7. I’m on a weight loss journey I got alot to lose I’m a 6ft4 teen and at my heaviest I was around 330 now in only a little over a month I weigh 305 if anybody has tips for me it would be great my goal is to get to 220-230

  8. Milk makes no one fat. I drink so much milk everyday, whole milk, at least 6 glasses a day and it has never made me gain pounds. My bones are strong, I have plenty of minerals : great levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium all thanks to milk which is my only source of animal protein.

  9. Will someone please tell this woman the word she keeps trying to use is “satiated” not “saturated”

  10. Its all about moderation. Your not going to drink wine every day. But I will not avoid it. I will still loose weight if I drink wine. I just don’t drink it everyday.

  11. watching this nodding my head and eating the whole packet of biscuits with my tea. 😉 :'( :O

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