5 lbs of Fat vs. 5 lbs of Muscle

Weight Loss Tip:Don't be disappointed by setbacks. Everyone has highs and lows. Sometimes weight loss will slow down or speed up. Pay attention to your activities and diet, but under no circumstances give up on your goals. Human beings are not machines and certain events can slow down or increase weight loss.

Short educational video by Lisa Crisalle displaying the difference between 5 pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat. Understanding why body fat percentage is the true measure of health and not what a weight scale says.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Wow! that really opened up my eyes to how I should view my body when I get
    on the scale. Thanks!

  2. Good! Here’s another one for you – If you drink a pint of water (which
    weighs one pound), are you fatter? No, just less thirsty. Remember that the
    scale is just one measure to track but not a true measure of health! Have a
    great day.

  3. Yes and no. First, you cannot develop muscle without doing anything. So, if
    you are not working your upper body, it will not develop muscle. Second, as
    you train your lower body you will develop muscle (which will burn more
    fat) and you will take up less space (fat takes up 3 x more space than
    muscle -see video again). Your bottom half will lean out (if you are eating
    clean and not high fat) and actually become smaller, not larger. Remember,
    nutrition is an important part of this.

  4. @NubianPrince8 . No, you misunderstand. First, there are several factors
    here. What kind of “working out” are you doing? Are you resistance training
    (heavy or light), are you doing cardio, intervals, the list is endless.
    This is NOT spot reduction. This video is teaching you that fat takes up
    1/3 MORE space than muscle. That exercise AND nutrition is key to reducing.
    As you develop more lean muscle, you will burn more calories OVERALL. There
    is no such thing as spot reduction.

  5. @jsmith2113abc I don’t recommend throwing away the scale – we still use it
    as a measure, however a $27 fat monitor is based on your hydration status
    and is not a good unit of measure either. If you drank alcohol the night
    before or just drank coffee, you would be dehydrated and measure completely
    different. Body fat calipers done the same way and consistently is the BEST
    measure of body fat and health.

  6. thank you so much for this video, really helped answer my worries. i’ve
    started this program p90x. i’ve work very hard and started to see muscles
    for the first time but i only use the scale for my measurement and my
    weight is still about the same. i was worry i did something wrong. 

  7. Congrats! Exactly what i have been trying to tell people for years! It’s
    NOT what the scale says but how much fat vs. muscle one has. Two people can
    be the exact same height and the same weight, one may be “heavy set” and
    the other one would be toned. Another hint. Muscle is 70% water while fat
    is only 40%. Drink more water!

  8. i love this purely for the visual aid, i’ve lost 23lb so on my way to
    losing 5 of the 5lb body fat size chunks that’s awesome to me and a great
    motivator! Thanks for that. ;0)x

  9. Really eye opening advice, but I think to see your scale once in a while is
    okay…but again great advice…

  10. well that’s obvious. if you weigh 200 pounds because of fat or 200 pounds
    because of muscle will definetly change how you look. but we already knew

  11. @OFFFCoach Yes, i know its an old post but I just saw it. “exercise AND
    nutrition is key to reducing.” And in all truth it is realistically about
    75-80% diet and only 20-25% exercise.

  12. @inyxyooj Good for you. P90X rocks! You will see some great changes as long
    as you keep at it.

  13. Every woman should see this video, the women I work are obsessed with
    “losing weight” but what they really should say is losing body fat. People
    need to realise that they could be losing fat and gaining muscle which is
    why their weight doesn’t fall as much as they would thought it would. Stop
    focusing on scale weight as it doesn’t tell the whole story, instead
    measure fat % if you can failing that just look in the mirror or see if
    your clothes are becoming more baggy as you take up less space.

  14. I just linked to this video in a post on my home page. Credit where credit
    is due!

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