45 Min HIIT Cardio And Abs Workout – Insane At Home Fat Burner – Interval Cardio Training And Core

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Good workout if you need cardio and feet are sore – this is a workout for
    you. Excellent directions and fun.

  2. Abs still got me. Tapped out in a few of those. Modified the plank slap
    hehe. Workout complete 26.12.2016 – 5.35am.

  3. Can anyone advise what is best to eat after a workout like this? Also
    @fitnessblender is this enough for one day or should we do another work out
    afterward/ later in the day? Thank you 🙂 Oh…and, WORK OUT COMPLETE
    28/12/16 yay!

  4. before deciding to actually workout i was on the verge of having a cup of
    hot cocoa with marshmallow and melted chocolate inside haha but im glad i
    did it. workout complete!!

  5. Been working out with fitness blender since 2015. It feels good when you
    get every workout complete :)

  6. The side plank drop + kick was the hardest for me !! All the other ones
    were easier but that one killed me a bit.

  7. Been a couple years since I’ve done this one–still hard, but luckily those
    45 minutes go by fast! Thanks Daniel and Kelli you guys rock

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