4 Minute Ab Workout To Lose Belly Fat At Home Within 1 Week (Teenagers, Men And Women)

Weight Loss Tip:If you are trying to lose weight, you don't have to give up the foods you love entirely. Lower calorie versions of your favorite foods are often readily available. Order less cheese on your pizza next time you go out, or choose low-fat ice cream instead of the full-fat variety. Switch to diet sodas or light beer.

Fast 4 minute ab workout to help you lose belly fat and burn those love handles at home. To help you get abs within a week! I give you my 1 tip on how to maximize fat loss! Under 4 minute intense workout with 6 exercises to be completed in a circuit:
1. Do 20-30 reps
2. 10-20 rest between each exercise
3. Repeat the whole circuit twice
4. Do this every other day


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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I am fourteen years old, and I have a six pack. Not genetically, but because I workout a lot, and I have been eating high amounts of protein and drink lots of water, as well as restricting myself from eating junk food. I have a question, how does dieting down how much you eat affect your abs? It actually decreases them if you think about it because you need protein and fat to build those muscles? Now I don’t mean the bad fat, but like the hamburger, potato, and bread fats.

  2. What diet are we supposed to follow for this to actually work in 1 week?
    also do we follow the workout with you, or do it on our own?

  3. someone plz help
    my diet :
    breakfast: fitness cereals
    lunch:chicken or tuna or meat etc…
    dinner:salad or fruits
    is that a gd diet plz
    marco reply

  4. damnnn just did my first day of this and im sweatin bullets and feelin the burn. thanks man. ive got #dadbod lol…

  5. I’m sure this is working for me because my fitness has gone way up and I have been noticing a few changes

  6. Im 12 years old, 13 this month, Shall i do this every day?? I am determined to lose belly fat thats the only part where i am fat. Thanks

  7. If we want to do all this by 50 situps a day, what time would it take to get a six pack?

  8. Hey I’m 12 I weight 117 pounds and I plan to work out for 3 weeks doing the excise 2 times a day with a diet so how much do you think I will loose

  9. Haven’t got a big stomach but I do need to take some off within a month so if this works I’ll let you know for sure

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