30 Minutes Zumba Dance Workout – Full Video

Weight Loss Tip:If you are tired of your weight-loss plan, maybe it is just because you are tired. Recent evidence shows that not getting enough rest on a regular basis could lead to weight gain. Getting a 20-30 minute nap during the day may be what you need. Maybe your brain is conveying that you are actually tired when you think you are hungry.

If you love OneHowTo's zumba classes then take a look at this full video compilation for a 30 minutes zumba dance workout that you'll be able to do at home. Try this routine three times a week to keep in good shape and help you lose weight. Have fun dancing while you work out your whole body to the best zumba beats in this ultimate zumba tutorial! At oneHOWTO we challenge you to follow this zumba workout for one month while having a balanced diet and let us know how much belly fat you have lost while doing it! This is one of the best aerobics type fitness class you can get for real weight loss.


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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I need these clips separately .. I’ve been following them but I like to learn separate videos and I have to wait for one to end before I get the ones I love the most … I would appreciate if you give me a link to separate ones … thank you

  2. zumba help my nephew Ashwin to be fit in 40 days.If he start’s at 31st of March then he finish’s at 20 of April . Thank You

  3. Thanks for a video that is pure workout. This was great and gives me a video that will let me workout as I learn new moves.

  4. Yea? Vacation means I have to do this to be ready.
    I missed the music… not the moves.. but the music is fire

  5. this is the best zumba video i have come across :).. do you have any more of these?

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